Aimbotting player - Not sure what to do?

There is a player who has been aimbotting for the last two or so weeks who goes by the steam name b0jasch0177 if you guys could do something about it it would be super cool?

this is their steam page if that helps

How do you know he’s aimbot’ing?

He has 100% accuracy with caldarius’s TMP. He previously had 100% accuracy with ghalt slugs.

LOL I just played with that guy yesterday, he was playing Rath and suuuuuuuuuuuuuucked hard. Had like 5 kills 20 deaths, just kept diving into a 1v5 hoping to get 1 kill then blamed me for not following him in to heal.

You should report him to the support.
But they will probably ask for a video proof.

yeah he’s really bad he dives really hard for no reason and manages to get a terrible k/d even with an aimbot

Too bad theres no way to spectate for video proof :DDDD

Yeah that’s what I answered to the support…
Even better, if we had “player’s point of view” like in DotA2 or TF2 we could tell easily if the guy is cheating

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