Aiming down the sights Animation

One thing me and my friends didn’t like about borderlands 2 was when playing together we could never tell by looking at our companions/friends characters that if they were hip firing or aiming down the sights.

to tell you the truth this was the only thing that bothered us.

but we always thought this would be added in the 3rd part and now seeing the trailers and gameplay videos it seems you still cant tell if the other player is aiming down the sights or not. the characters are always holding the gun in one stance.

Now you might say why does this matter…well the answer is immersion.

i couldn’t find any one aiming down the sight in any video may be it is int he game but i didn’t see it.

@DEVS: Can any Dev please confirm if this said animation is in the game when you are looking at your party team mate? or is am i right that its only one way of holding a gun when you look at the said character from third perspective.

If not why was it skipped?

Just from a game standpoint;

Let’s say you want it real time.

In order to make the animation and other player’s visual feedback equal, the speed would either be too fast watching them, or too slow for them aiming. It would look ridiculous to watch them hold down sights, drop a clip, reload, and go back.

From a processing standpoint: that’s one more function both the game and the network have to watch and communicate. In lag situations, you’d just get stuck watching a loop of your friend raising and lowering their gun

Edit: third point. Due to sizes of weapons and character heads, they’d have to create an animation for each possible gun, or you’d have constant “the stock is in their face”.

Which would be less immersion.

M8 we are in 2019 pick any multiplayer game of this Gen and you will see your friends changing animation according to hip firing or aiming down sights.

i am a fan too of the series but you are just defending it for sake of defending.

but your third point does make sense. but then again i would go back to my point indie games have these animations now a days so doesn’t make sense that a AAA company would overlook this.

I don’t play other games. Lol. Most shooters aren’t my style. But the third point is the real sticking point here. We’re talking about a randomized gun system. In order to create the unique sounds for the guns, each part had a sound file attached to it, and when you get a gun, that gun compiles the sounds of those parts to one full sound.

That’s rough, but no where near as rough as trying to incorporate a possible one million different gun sizes into an ADS mechanic that literally sounds more like a novelty than anything else. This is a cartoon world, I literally have never gone “why isn’t their eye in the scope”

Edit: I should note this is less about me defending GB, and more about me going “please don’t add a processor bloat that I find incredibly pointless in my own play.” Is that selfish? Absolutely. But I want this game to look pretty and play smooth, so badly, any unnecessary twitching makes me nervous. Lol

Just going to echo @sammantixbb’s point: If a game has a limited selection of very predictable weapons, what you’re asking for isn’t so hard. But given the sheer variety of weapons types and parts in BL2, that’s a lot of work and resources needed to achieve the same effect. Any game developer is going to look at that and say, “Where do I really want to invest my team’s hours?”