Aiming reticle options please

I would like it if every class had different aiming reticle options, and at least one of the options being very simple. Being able to change the color and transparency would also be a nice feature. Some heroes I like, but don’t play because of how distracting the aiming reticle is. Alani and Orendi especially have overly complicated looking reticles.
Otherwise the game is awesome though.
Thanks Gearbox!

Alani’s reticle is used to show how many stacks of Osmosis she has. If the option to change it ever comes about, I wouldn’t recommend it.


I know, but how important is that to always keep track of? It’s very obstructive of the aiming view.

a different option would be the reticle changes between 4 colors for how many stacks there are. for example, grey is no stacks, green is 1 stack, orange is two stacks, red is 3 stacks.

It’s incredibly important. And there are 10 different stages to show how many stacks you have since it keeps track of them for every third gained.


do you ever care how many stacks you have below max? do you spend stacks below max?

Sure, full stacks are only needed for rescue healing and tanks. If someone needs a top off before they dive, they could do with only one or two stacks.


Oh, well I still could barely see anything behind the big reticle. I usually shoot at far targets and the reticle almost completely covers them.

Orendi’s reticle is obstructive and not practical also.

Can you post a screenshot? I feel like you might just have something strange going on with your graphics if you find it obstructive, it’s not a complaint I’ve ever heard before nor one I ever personally would’ve considered.


Because Alani has limited range it has never been an issue for me. Even taking the extra range her aiming reticle is not bad at long range because it has the little triangle point at the exact center. If your target is completely obscured by the retice you are probably on target but too far away to hit.

I’ve wanted a toggle for reticles too, but that’s because I’m blind and some reticles are hard for me to see making my aim godawful

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That reminds me of playing timesplitters back in the day with my sister. There was no reticle unless you aimed down sights and her aim was terrible so I found a tiny sticker and put it on the screen. Her aim improved considerably after that lol.

I remember using stickers on the screen ahah, those were the days. Timesplitters was a brilliant game too!

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I was playing as Kleese w/ the sniper wrist cannon yesterday on Phoebe’s Ops and my reticle kept blending in w/ the varelsi so it would be nice to be able to change the color of the reticle. However, the reticle also gives some important such as Alani’s stacks and how accurate Orendi’s primary attack is so if the OPs rectile is too big then maybe it’s because he’s using a low resolution but I’m at 1024 x 768 and it has never been a problem for me so idk if the size of the rectile is really much of a problem.

Once I get all my gear I’d say I probably do more healing at 2 stacks than I do at max.

my resolution is 1920x1080 on 50" tv. may as well add the option though so people who like the reticles can use them, and people who don’t like the reticles can use different ones.