Aiming up for no reason

Ever since event update, my characters gradually aim up for no reason. This also happens on the map screen. Before this I used to walk backwards very slowly occasionally. That has stopped. The aiming up starts very slow then speeds up. The controller doesn’t matter and the character doesn’t matter. Also inversion settings change makes it go down. Xbox One S.

Go in to the advanced control settings and tweak the inner and outer deadzone settings. Unfortunately I can’t advise which way to tweak them, but they define the region the stick can be in before it registers as “not centred” or “all the way forward/back/left/right”. You should be able to null out the motion.

I attempted this before after reading another post but I gave it a try again. I maxed out all three in both directions on both sticks. Oddly the left stick settings gave me the most change (slowed the movement) but that was probably because I started moving backwards.

It also doesn’t happen as much if I leave the reticule just below center. About 3-5°. Any lower and it will drift up.

Another note: when I leave it approx 3° below center… I walk backwards slowly. There is also no drift after a load screen.

For movement drift I’ve found rapidly flicking the sticks seems to fix the issue. I’m not sure why your aim point would drift up, but I have noticed that in certain places your character will seem to be sliding somewhat - usually when coming out of a vending machine. Other than that, not sure what to suggest - the game does scale the movement and look sensitivity very differently to BL2 and TPS, so it is a lot more sensitive to stick motion and position.