Aint lucky at all

Hey everyone. I’ve got a question: Is it only possible to optain legendary items at level 50 ?
I’ve been playing quite far into TVHM and still nothing comes along…

Currently level 38 ClapTrap
And got a 34 Nisha

But still … I haven’t got any legendary items… Despite I’ve been farming bosses for quite a while now!

Hope some of u guys got the answer :slight_smile: Cheers.

Yes legendary weapons drop at any level

i got lotsa stuff at around those lvls that are taking up bank space. i could unload some of em onto you if youd like. anything your looking for in particular?

Hmm… I’m not really looking for anything particular, but I was just wondering why I haven’t found any yet :smile:
If you got some stuff u aint using, then sure - I would love to get some of those. But again … I’m not looking for anything particular. Currently I’m playing on my ClapTrap, and I’m mostly using Cyro weapons.

[quote=“mortenbk89, post:1, topic:94769, full:true”]
… Despite I’ve been farming bosses for quite a while now! [/quote]
Do you also ‘farm’ the vending machines and the grinder? I’ve gotten most of my legendaries this way.

I’m looking at all the veining machines that I get by, but haven’t got any luck so far.
Is it not only obtainable for the grinder, when you grind a legendary weapon? Or two?

Or is there something I have completly misunderstood ?

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Moving this to Weapons and Loot Chat since it would seem youre just seeking information.

they have tweaked the Grinder , so that if you grind 3 purples there is a chance for a Legendary, along with what you already know about the grinder.

in this BL game the Vending machines and Grinder are your best bet for legendarys, the Bosses not so much as of now

It’s just lucky unfortunately. Some go several hundred hours without a legendary, and other players will only find legendary items very easily.

Grinder all the way. Pick up everything you find, and I mean everything whites and all grind it all. When you get to purples you have to be careful because of that bug that can freeze the game so just save before doing any grinds with 3 purples for now, if you have the moonstone to use on purple weapon grinds use it far better chance of getting legendary plus it can be luneshine. Once you have some oranges if they are ones you don’t want grind them, three oranges makes a random orange (unlike other grinds having 2 or 3 of an item will not guarantee getting a new one of that type) or you can just use 2 with the purple of the type you want and grind them, moonstone if possible. By level 16 on my baroness I had some luneshine legendaries I was using plus a 3dd1e oz kit.

On average, I would say many players don’t get legendary drops or finds during the playthrough (i.e completing the story line mission).
I took forever in leveling my main characters mostly to stop and farm for tons of cash, and to farm the vendors and chests. I always wanted to have lots cash available in case I saw a legendary for sale.
So that’s how I got most of my legendaries as I ran the playthrus, thru the vendors. You can also collect purples and grind them for a chance at a legendary.

IMHO, I think there only a few bosses who are reliable in dropping their dedicated legendary when farming them during the playthourgh. But one or two you have to dashboard to farm and you may also wanna save their missions till LV50.

And you can’t count on the chests for legendaries, but they’re good for selling the stuff for money and collecting blues and purples for the grinder.

Well, Good Luck.

My advice: check EVERY single vending machine you pass. The item of the day rates are much better than they were in BL2. It may take a few passes, but trust me. If you do this you will likely find at least 1 legendary per playthrough.

And, if you are pretty happy with most of your purple loot, toss any excess purple gear in to the grinder. It’s possible to get a legendary from 3 purples. I’ve done this about 100 times. Seems to be about a 5-10% success rate.