Airborne annoints way too common

Please scale back the amount of this annointment, it’s on probably 75% of the drops I get and its useless. Ta

Watch them get a massive buff and the DLC zone have low gravity so they are useful. I have always thought that they were too out of place and a purpose for them (and slam relics) was either scrapped or in the works.

To be fair it is an easy anoint to trigger and can have a near constant up time. It just needs to be more viable and removed as a possibility from some guns(like all other troll anoints).

There are also 4 while airborne anoints. The Accuracy, fire rate, and crit ones, should probably be all combined into the damage one. Giving it a 30% buff to all of them even though the acc handeling one would be reduced from 75 your jumping that stat wont be all that relevant any way. Or cut those and make it just damage and increase it to 50+%. Shoot some VH can have 100% uptime on ASE anoints so a 75% may make them much more desirable.

If you find a top tier gun that could work with the anoint and you have the room in your vault Id probably pick it up especially if they keep up the trend of buffs over nerfs these could become top tier with a single patch like the Lob is now.


I wonder why they aren’t hybrid anointments like the handling crit ones Zane and Moze have, that accuracy would be dope with some love for those airborne crits.

Airborne anointed Scourge, easy proc lol.

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Get rid of airborn and sliding annointments. Both are garbage.


Dude three shot Fadeaway with a while sliding Scourge, just watch them red dots vanish off the map.

Farming Gravewarden… after around 40 or so runs, maybe more 3 Lobs no annoint, 3 Lobs airborne annoints, so effin over airborne

I agree, along with sliding and melee. They need to change the drop percentages on these anoints. Almost all of the legendaries that I get are worthless because of the anoint.

We really need an anointment grinder in sanctuary

lol imagine how bloated other annointments are when people call these two ■■■■… great game design