Airborne Anointments need to go

Can we collectively get rid of airborne anointments like seriously when was the last time anyone used them they are pointless


Airborne, sliding, status effect chance and reload can all go away.



talking about reloading
there should be anointments that trigger on reloading :smiley:


Airborne etc. Anoints need to disappear.


These would be on my list as well, but airborne and sliding irk me the most.

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On Reload gain 1 grenade.

On Grenade Thrown regenerate ammo for 5 seconds.


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While taking status effect damage, gain +10% fire rate(shield annoint)

Killing an enemy grants immunity to barrel/environmental damage for a short time(shield annoint)


I think we need to add a new category ‘on trigger pull’ hahaha

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There are apparently 50(!) annoints now. I would venture at least half of them are useless.

They are gonna buff some so my question is if they made sliding +200% would that be enough to make you use it over say +300%/90 or +100 %SNTL Cryo

Does it? Or does it need to be buffed to +400% damage?

It needs a big damage buff and refills mag while sliding at the same time or something

All of these things have their place when used properly.

Status effet for amara, airborne and sliding are both for zane, as he doesn’t lose speed when in the air or sliding allowing him to maintain his max skill bonuses.

and personally I like a +30% damage airborne anoint on a shotgun, that’s easy money, especially when using a brainstormer and I imagine a recursion too, since you’d only need to be in the air for the first shot for the damage to be stacked on every reflection.

I’m doubtful they’ll be buffed its more likely they’ll just add more, but if sliding/airborne were buffed it would depend on what character we’re talking about etc. if it was seein dead zane he already gets constant damage bonuses so the 300% may not help him as much as another element. the 300/90 works differently than regular damage increase so it would almost always be better.

Airborne and slide anoints should be gone. Even for Zane they are strictly worse than a number of other options and they require an extremely corny mechanic.

Or just reduce the number of different ones and give a huge buff. One airborne anoint that gave, say, 200% weapon damage, 200% critical damage, and increased accuracy and handling. Hell, you could even make it really silly and add: “these effects triple if the player hip fires after spinning around.”

I mean if we’re going to incentivize silliness, just jump the shark and watch the flood of LOL 360 NO SCOPE youtube videos.

I’d rather those anoints just be gone, but if they’re going to stay at least let’s have them be effective but also hilarious/dumb.

Status effect chance anoints need to be gone. They do basically nothing.

The reload anoint(s) and the ASE critical anoint could be fused together and buffed as part of the buff package to underused anoints.

Many of us - especially Fl4k players - would have reason to consider an anoint that increased FR, reload, and critical damage by, say, 40 or 50%.

And the anoints that should go away include a number of strictly inferior class-specific anoints like clone-swap reload, Phasecast status effect, and IB don’t consume ammo (why does that exist? If you want that as Moze, you can get it with one skill point!).

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The best joke i get from this annointment, was getting an Infinity with " On reload" annointments :rofl:

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It can always happen
Just like a rough rider with on shield break

Funny thing about this is there is no Airborne and Sliding buffs on modifier to make those useful. I mean low gravity modifier would make airborne much better than it is now.

But anyhow there is way WAY too much anointeds in the pool and it makes what little farming feels more of a pain to deal with


Even those new anointment are useless depending on what weapon it come on, like that " activate depleted effect and full shield effect when use action skill "
I got that annointment on some many shield like the transformer or other …

Yea its because moze had a deplete effect in her skill tree :smiley: