Airborne VR 1944 - Remaster - Oculus Rift CV1

They remastered the Airborne VR and it is very beautiful and very amazing on this emotional ride. They fixed a lot of things and I to tell you, this took my breath away

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Eeeee, not that impressed, maybe im just an old fart but don’t see VR anything more than just a gimmick, like motion controls and 3D, it will come and no matter how many shout “future of gaming” it will die out.

Its cool, but it doesnt do anything for me :wink:

As for the game, BIA still looks miles better than this on the visual department,
Whats the gameplay like? Can you play it? is it a game or do you just jump out of the plane and thats it?

According to people and if you watch the ending, the studio who made this will be making the game based from this and it will be called, “Among Heroes VR” and it will be the first full-body game. What does this means? I have really no idea so we have to wait till it come out on the fall of 2017.

Hey, at least they fixed a bunch of stuff if you watch the original.

There are still a couple of errors. One of them: the US flag patch. The paratroopers in Normandy didn’t have the US flag patch. They used it during Market Garden.

looks interesting as an idea, I just hope VR will evolve into something better in the future. I’d LOVE to experience WWII in HD graphics in VR. Like, a highly detailed authentic experience.