Airstrike Lore Challenge (What is wrong?)

(Champion of the Battle Pits) #1

Is OM’S challenge bugged or glitched? Cause I’ve tried just about everything I can. I take the stealth damage bonus, bonus time in stealth, and both damage upgrades to airstrike. I even have gear equipped to increase skill damage.
Am I missing something? Any tips? Thanks in advance!


I got this mainly in missions rather than PVP. Space laser makes it pretty easy against bosses. Also, pop stealth after you start the airstrike, rather than using the airstrike from stealth.

Hope this helps, good luck mate!

(Drakyven) #3

@TrickyLoki good call on the call for strike then cloak, figured that out and had to shake my head not seeing that initially!

Are bosses better than grouping enemies up and using the regular strike?


No worries at all. Grouping will work but keep in mind that once the enemy is dead they’re no longer adding to the strike damage total and regular minions/enemies die in 1 or 2 airstrike hits.

If you can get a well placed laser onto a boss who is largely stationary (Conservator on Voids Edge mission comes to mind), you could almost get the whole amount for the lore challenge in one mission.

(wisecarver) #5

This was actually one of the easier ones for me, only thing left is 3 more Montana’s.

Update: Master of Oscar Mike now

(ragdollomega) #6

Isaac on The Algorithm is hands down the easiest source to finish this challenge. Especially if you can get the laser. The crits on Isaac’s main reactor tube thing are huge for any damage hitting it, so do a solo run, knock out his leg, then put laser down and stealth. I almost wanna say you could get it this way from a single run, but I don’t know the full numbers. At most you would have to do 3 runs, 2 is way more likely.

(FilthyCossack) #7

I got it while playing pvp on Incursion (pop the sentry’s shields and rain down). While actually not that hard to get (took me 3 games), the challenges itself seems kind of backwards and counter-intuitive. Sneak+ult on unsuspecting enemy team is a very powerful combo, so I feel it would make sense to change it to “deal x damage with airstrikes called in while stealthed”. Otherwise you pop your ultimate, and then spend its whole duration cloaking, taking you out of the fight and then leaving you vulnerable with no escape options.

(Maskerader) #8

There’s a mutation later allowing you to call airstrike without getting out of stealth. It can’t be just a coincidence.

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(FilthyCossack) #9

You don’t get that mutation until char lvl 12, and you’d be giving up either boosts to duration or cool down of stealth.

Even then, what I’m saying is that it’s counterintuitive to use. It’s way better to sneak behind enemy lines, pop your ultimate, add some grenade aoe and melt down the support with your rifle, instead of stealthing and doing nothing.

Guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s not a hard challenge even without the mutation, but the way it’s set up right now just hampers your ability as a player

(Maskerader) #10

Yeah, I understand what you mean. But I suppose it’s an issue only in PVP, while in PVE it’s not a big deal. You can, say, drop a grenade, call an airstrike that follows your position and go stealthy in the middle of a tough pack.

(Champion of the Battle Pits) #11

I got this challenge lay night in one game.

On archive while escorting. Use airstrike, cloak. Focus on the anchors or groups of evolved thralls. And especially Bangrath at the end.

(Ulithium_Dragon) #12

I had to do a double take on this one to figure out WTF was wrong:

It’s damage WHILE CLOAKED, not damage ACTIVATING Airstrike FROM being cloaked.

…Meaning activate the Airstrike, THEN cloak.

Also as was mentioned above it’s trivially easy to do this lore challenge on The Void at the last boss with the level 10 helix mutation for the Orbital Laser.

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