Aite's Black Market

Hello, Vault Hunters, and welcome to my trading thread.

Before proceeding any further, be sure to read the Rules of Trading here.

Rule 1, important: I won’t take any responsibility in case that you are unsatisfied with the outcome of using an item you’ve got from me - it’s up to you to find out what serves your purposes the best;

Rule 2, even more important: there is no 1:1 exchange rule - it is possible I trade 1 item for 2 or vice versa;

Rule 3, the most important: no cheating of any kind is allowed here. I get all of my items by legit means only, without gibbing or duping them, editing or replacing the save files, modifying the game content in any way or getting them from a friend who’s got them by cheating OR unknown means, so I require the same from you in case you want to make a deal with me. Once again: if you got your item(s) by cheating of any kind OR you are unsure of its origin, please do not ever contact me;

Rule 4, just FYI: if you turn out a cheater or bad trader, everyone on these forums will learn it. You’ve been warned.

So, you’ve read all the rules and still want to trade? Well, now you’re welcome to do so.

Items in stock (updated 04/12/15):


  • Bold Gold
  • Gold Dubloon
  • Magenta Who
  • Ranger Pink
  • Techno Cowgirl
  • The Hottest New Look


  • CMD0-TP NEW!
  • Tech Ninja
  • Bandita Brave (x2)
  • Death Masque
  • Lunar Knight NEW!

Looking for (updated 04/12/15):


  • Hothead
  • VooDoo Doll


  • Yellowheart
  • Juicy


  • LV 70 legendary guns of any type and quality (including the DLC ones) - just for my grinding purposes

Found something insteresting?

If you’re OK with the Rules of Trading stated above, feel free to contact me via PM here or on Steam (VCFAite).

Added you on steam. I am chasing Bandita Brave head for a Handsome head if you’re ok with that.

Do you have a level 70 luck cannon, if so I’d be willing to trade 3 + lvl 70 legendaries for it.

@johnhampshire18, I don’t have any LC at the moment, but if I get some, I’ll let you know :wink:

Stock updated, minor changes to the Rules done.

P. S. @wampa_stompa1138 turned out a bad trader.