Ajax Ogre drop rate

Just curious how many times it has taken people to get it to drop. As I am still in the hunt for one. I’ve heard over a hundred tries what about all of you in the community?

I’ve done 300+, and still haven’t gotten it.

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I’d like to see this addressed, bl2 has had their drop rates taken a look at, for numerous enemies I think BL1 needs this as well, whether starting of a petition or however, this and other drops could use a adjustment, I’m now approaching the 100 mark for Ajax, nothing.

I wonder how easy it would be to adjust drop rates in BL1 though? The loot system underwent a drastic overhaul between BL1 and BL2, and I don’t know if adjusting rates (even for specific bosses) is as easy in BL1 as BL2. (Edit: BL1 also doesn’t have the hotfix system, so it would mean certifying a game patch on console to push it out.) I guess it’s something that could at least be considered if a remastered version was ever done.


There’s some In The Box article about the changes and how the BL1 system worked. I remember a section of the article that went along the lines of

“in BL2 we could tell the game to drop X legendary 10% of the time, and the game would do just that. BL1, on the other hand, it was more of a suggestion to the game to drop a quality gun 10% of the time. We could ask the game to drop a gun but it wasn’t really up to us”

… imma look for the article, cause I’m pretty sure I just butchered that


That sounds about right, though. I remember that the irregularity of what dropped (and what enemy mobs spawned with) was one of the reasons for the change. Which means that fixing it for BL1 would mean changing the game’s entire loot system, and I really don’t see that happening (even for a remaster). Sad trombone.

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What this method of determining rarity meant was that designers only had
control over the rarity of loot when determining the value of a part.
When it came to determining what was dropped from an enemy all we could
say was what types of gear (gun, shield, grenade, etc.) we wanted. The
only control over rarity we had was in a value called “Awesome Level.”
The awesome level was simply a factor that influences the weight of the
parts so that the game was more likely to use parts with higher rarity
values to generate the gear, it did not allow us to request any
particular rarity of gear to drop. To say it a different way: We had no direct control over the rarity of the weapons that would drop.

Ah, the quote I had in mind.

The easiest way to describe the difference is that in Borderlands we
could just suggest that the enemy drop better loot, we could not demand


I could not even begin to fathom the drop rate on the Ajax ogre. I’ve never had one drop and killed that bastard so many times that I lost count. If you are diligent I’m sure it will drop for you but I had thousands of hours on the game and just burnt out on it, although I dip my toes back into my all time favorite game now and again for a few armory and craw runs, and Ajax kills as well on my journey through. It’s on my BL bucket list for sure… Good luck and don’t lose hope my friend. IT WILL HAPPEN…

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I’m still farming for it too, at top level…

But when I was playing a new team with a friend, he found a lvl 34 HLK Ajax Ogre…

That was a bad joke to me… :cry:

Yeah I know how you feel, I just got done looting the armory helping a friend lower level than me on first playthrough and he got over twenty five legendaries on that run, most I usually see is a average of about 15 or so solo at level 69.

Still looking into the code there has to be some changes they could make. It’s not just Ajax, Scar and several others drop chance are exceptionally low. Surely there’s a way to revamp the loot system even for a remastered version, it would explain just my opinion, why it would take so long to bring out improving that and several other odds and ends. But still even for us long time players there has to be a method to even “suggest” to the AI or whatever it is to buff the drop rate some, it can’t be completely unfixable.

There was a guy a while back who fixed his game (on PC) to drastically increase the number of drops per a specific enemy. He did it to speed up analysis of that enemy’s loot pool. The thread with his stats and everything should be in this section somewhere. Anyway, my point being that you might find some clues in one of his posts (or maybe he’s still around and you can PM him.)


In order to up the drop rate of the Ajax ogre, you’d just have to up the drop rate of the Acc5_Atlas_Ogre_Explosive accessory game-wide. Ajax drops his weapon 100% of the time (Ajax’s Spear), so it’s not quite the same as BL2 getting the drop rates adjusted…it’s not like the Ajax Ogre is his designated drop that just has too low a rate.

If you multiplied the ogre drop rate by 10, it would still take a long time to get one, and you’d have found so many other ogres that you may not even care anymore.

As for Scar, I can’t say I’ve ever gone back and farmed him. If he doesn’t drop TK’s Wave, that’s a separate problem!

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Pretty sure he does drop the wave, been a long time but I remember one dropping while mobbing in that area. As soon as life and limb are turned in it becomes farmable if I’m not mistaken.

Your right and I farmed him several hours at different points of time, and he didn’t drop it.

I know it’s a hybrid variant of the original gun that drops, and there are several hybrids throughout the game, not sure how it could be done or how the loot system works when it comes to specifics. Well even still there are still several sources that the drop rates from certain enemies are low. Just was suggesting to gearbox if they wouldn’t mind looking into it is all.

I also don’t see how it’d be game wide since it is a character drop exclusive to him and no way to make it a world drop, that’s what I’m assuming your implying. I know the loot system is quite different from bl2 changes, but I thought at least when it comes to uniques like that from him and several others it could be improved on extreme rare chance of getting things that don’t drop as often but maybe the loot system in the game can’t be enhanced that way, but as I’ve said to everybody all this is is a simple suggestion thread to try to improve the game more.

It has to do with how the weapon generation works. Lemme think through this…in Ajax’s case, he is scripted to always drop Ajax’s Spear, which is an Atlas machine gun with a special barrel and special material. That leaves the other parts (sight, stock, mag, body, accessory) to generate as any normal machine gun would. The Ogre accessory is one of many that can take that accessory spot. It has a pretty small chance of being rolled by the weapon generator, as compared to the other MG accessories.

So, there are 2 ways to up the chance of the Ogre accessory being selected. One would be to increase the chances of that accessory worldwide, since they apparently can’t do that on an individual enemy basis. The other would be to jack up the Awesome Level of Ajax himself, which also would have the effect of jacking up the average quality of the other parts of the machine gun as well as anything else he might drop.

So, the far more effective method would be to make his awesome level really high. Let’s say he was made the same as Crawmerax. During my Craw testing, I got 811 Atlas machine guns. Of these 811, 66 have the Ogre accessory. So, if his AL was that high, approximately 8% of his spear drops should be Ogres. Sounds pretty good, right? Well then you figure you still have all the crappy bodies, mags, etc that could roll for the other parts. But, that would make him by far the best source for Ogres, and what would be the point of the “normal” Ogre in that case?

That may be something a modder can do…not sure. It certainly is something Gearbox could do…if they ever were to consider changing anything about this game :slight_smile:


I’ve gotten 2 or 3 now over the course of I would say 200 runs. I have absoultly no proof this works because I am far to lazy to test but try holding a ogre to spawn him (shoot at his door with it) then switch over to another gun to kil him. There is a rumor that has been circulating around for years that the guns you have equiped have a direct impact on the weapons enemies drop/have. Whether or not this is true really doesn’t matter to me because it still gives me a excuse to use an ogre lol.

Either way good luck and happy farming vault hunter.

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