Alain heal numbers comparison

I pointed out much earlier I am not the king of numbers. This is the first ever MOBA game I have ever played. I just know what I saw as an offensive character main, chasing someone down who is on the brink of death, be it Galilea or Miko and their health instantly replenishes out of nowhere. Galilea has over 1500 health I believe (again I don’t know numbers I could be wrong, but I know my current Galilea has more than 2000 health) and I know for a fact that pre-nerf Galilea’s were Alani’s best friend pre-nerf as Galilea’s were nigh indestructable unless Alani was dead.


Battleborn is also my first MOBA, though years of Borderlands and my innate love of math help. But really in terms of healing, what you describe is more a psychological problem (for everyone), than it is a balance problem. Personally I think the demoralization of seeing what you worked so hard to do, only for it to be undone in a split second, hurts more mentally than the frustration of pegging a Montana with a mushroom up his butt over and over again. So in general, demoralization > frustration.

Here are some numbers for the other healers without gear and only utility helices at level ten. This is just their main healing source, since that is all we’re talking about.

  • Alani - 917 instant (single target) [pre-nerf]
  • Miko - 158 per second, so 5.8 seconds to get to 917 (single target)
  • Biosynthesis - 197.5 per second, so 4.7 seconds to get to 917 (single target)
  • Kid Ultra - 91 per second, 182 per second with 2 drones. So 10 and 5 seconds respectfully to 917 (unlimited targets)
  • Ambra - 96 per second, so 9.6 seconds to 917 (5 targets?)

And know that they have their own quirks and nuances, so these are just numbers, not comparisons.

Bonus: The total effective HP Reyna gives. Only with Electrostatic induction and Vital Protocol.

  • Reyna: 785 instant (single target)
  • Add in Vigilance and you get 897
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No trust me, it was a balance problem. She reset health bars, early game. Hence why a lot of Alani’s early game is “crap” now, when really it was balanced so she’s not healing people so ridiculously with her L2 (if you’re playing PS4).

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I main Benedict and his health bar was lowered to a little over 800. Pre-nerf Alani healed more at lvl 1 and if this number is post nerf Alani/post patch 1.07 she still heals more than my entire health bar

I edited my post before you replied, and I think you should read the rest.

There was no science in that post, and proves what I mean when I say a psychological effect.

And no that is Alani pre 6/5/17, and at level 10. I already brought up the number 917 and referenced it, I thought you’d know that.

I did. So base 917 health to whatever target she likes. I dunno the numbers myself, and I don’t have the patience to go into every character in a private match to see their lvl 1 base health. But I am pretty sure that besides the tanks (ISIC, Galilea, Boulder, Attikus, Kelvin, Montana) and some high-end shooters, 917 covers every Eldrid, except for Kelvin/Boulder, the majority of the Jennerit and Rogue cast, 3 of the LLC cast and a nice chunk of the Peacekeeper cast with a new health bar at full osmosis stacks .

I misread, I thought it said not level 10 for some reason. But regardless I have played Alani pre-nerf and never had only 900ish healing at lvl 10. Gear or no gear, it’s usually more.

It covers none of them, even at level one. And at level ten even the lowest, whom is Mellka with 1578 (no Combat Rythem), does not even get 2/3 of her health back. Just saying.

Well I can’t go and test it… probably ever. So I just made an educated guess with math based on a nicely controlled video.

Doesn’t wellspring double scale?

Reads title and nothing else.

Who is Alain? Like, Alain Johns from Stephen King’s The Dark Tower book series?


Is it this guy? Alain De Botton?

Or this guy from Pokemon? He has a Mega Charizard so probably not :confused:



If Garrus isn’t going to ask, then I will. What do you mean when you say “Wellspring double scales”?

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I think it is effected by either skill or attack damage (I can’t remember which) in addition to heal power. This kind of thing can produce healing and damage numbers larger than you might expect and it is very noticeable at higher levels because gear adds multiplicative with itself and other gear. This could explain a 2k wellspring with less gear than you might expect was my point.

Yeah it’s skill damage, and attack damage is for Miko!

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Yeah it scales with skill damage, but even then with 14% heal power and 9.1% skill damage, it turns 917 into 1141. The problem is my 917 might be wrong, but I don’t know where else I can definitively get her heal amount at level 10 pre-nerf.

Yeah I always run attack damage on miko. There is no reason not to. I don’t play Alani as much anymore and I couldn’t remember which it was.

@khimerakiller yeah 2k seems like a lot for a single wellspring I have commonly seen 2k+ healing in death reports though. With attack speed buffs, good timing and geyser you can do a lot of healing in a short period of time.


Alani’s current self-heal at level 10 with no gear or helixes at 3 stacks:


Healing an ally multiplies this by 2, giving us:


The patch reduced this healing by about 1/3, so if we multiply by 1.5, that should give us an approximation of her pre-patch healing:


Alani has 2 helixes that boost Wellspring: Overflow and Extremophile. Factoring those in gives us:

909 * 1.15 * 1.25
= 1306

For the maximum gear boost without legendaries, Alani could use heal power + heal power, skill damage + skill damage, and cooldown + heal power. This results in:

1306 * 1.14 * 1.07 * 1.07 * 1.091 * 1.0546
= 1962

Alani’s target could also be using gear with one primary and 3 secondary healing received boosts:

1962 * 1.14 * 1.098 * 1.098 * 1.098
= 2961

This could be further boosted by using legendary gear like Symbiotic Spores or Shard of Jennar.

Theoretically, Alani should still be capable of healing over 2k in one wellspring, and used to be capable of over 3k rescue heals.


Just to say it out loud, I knew Alani was capable of 2k heals, when you factor in outside sources like healing received. And you can even blow it up more and factor in things like if the character is Montana, Alani is boosted by a KU damage amp Drone, the Monty is suffering from a Galilea/Ambra/Ghalt damage amp, etc…

I’m just saying at competitive levels like RedX plays at, you shouldn’t see 2k+ Wellspring heals. For example in the Choctaw finals, the teams ran this. I know they had a limited gear pool.

  • Meltdown:

  • Alani: White Jennerit Shard Gen/ White Jennerit Build Cost/ White Eldrid Heal Power
    * So a 14% increase.

  • Her team: No healing received

  • Incursion:

  • Alani: White Jennerit Shard Gen/ Purple Jennerit Health/ Purple Eldrid Skill damage
    * So that is only a 9.1% increase.

  • Her team: No healing received

Bringing the 917 up to 1045 and 1000 respectfully at level 10. And the meta build for her at competitive levels was the movement speed at level 3 and damage reduction at level 5. So no helix boost. And you can stack gear that boost Wellspring, but then you’re missing out on a balanced loadout. And healing received has almost entirely proved to be useless, as you’re better of just running health regen 99.9% of the time.

Outside of my “for fun thread” I really don’t care about balance anymore, I just don’t like seeing when people use wrong information to justify their point of view. No offence. So don’t take this as me justifying Alani’s balance, only that 2k+ Wellspring heals shouldn’t have been seen… anywhere really.

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