Alani and Getting Back The Hero Key

So the description of the hero key says it’s reusable “If you complete the challenge objective or reach the required Command Rank at any time after unlocking a hero using a Hero Key.” But I used my hero key on Alani and she only unlocks by spending credits, which I can’t do because she’s already unlocked. So, is there actually any way to get it back? Personally I still haven’t unlocked Ghalt or Kleese.
Will there be another hero key when Pendles comes out or am I out of early access through the season pass for the rest of the characters?

The refund is weird, I found t by accident. Go to the gear section and look at your purchase history. There should be something there about “purchasing” Alani and being able to refund the key.

Also, you should receive a key for every new character included in the season pass. (Personally, I would unlock Ghalt if anything as Kleese is easier to get and I would assume is a higher to unlock through levels. However, if you can just save the hero key so you don’t have to spend a bunch of credits for Alani later.

Okay cool. Yeah, I’m not in a big hurry to get Ghalt or Kleese anyway, I was mostly wondering if I’d need the key back for the other new characters or if I’d be getting another key. Thanks for the help!