Alani and Healers

Should I pick her if we don’t have a primary healer? She’s only great at single target so I’m not sure. I feel like her and Ambra would work well together. I mainly play her in PVE, but started pulling her out in Incursion. Furthermore, I like to use healing on Geyser, and then mainly use it as an AOE heal as she can’t help multiple low health targets. Does that work well? I typically put it right behind my front liner, so they get healed and the enemy may get struck. Otherwise, I put it near my back liners to help them all if they need it, and only then so I use it offensively. I also never use it on minions. Thoughts? I haven’t played her since release, although I’ve been fairly competent. But now I wanna do really well with her.

I only boost Riptide… as allies won’t bother to look to run into the Geyser I go for Riptide so there is at least a chance to give some healing.

Haven’t played her except once in PvP, but can’t tell if I was doing well or not, since the other team quit after their first Elite Bot and Thrall weren’t able to my team.

It was 100 vs 100, so we played like 4 Minutes (seemed like the quickest possible surrender…)

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Always go for the Riptide heals. Your geyser is going to be deployed deep in enemy territory where you can bubble people, not where your allies are.

Pump attack speed and heal power on her. More attacks hit = more heals.

I’m not the greatest Alani in the world, but I’m decent with her. She’s not a pocket healer, she’s a rescue healer. Don’t focus on keeping a single target alive like Miko, instead heal allies as they get low and return to getting your stacks back.

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Yeah, that’s why I chose Geyser, so I could keep everyone going. But that’s not my role, so I’ll stop that. And then i shouldnt use her as a primary healer. And don’t worry, I already go for all healing and attack speed, and then extra health and healing recieved to keep me in the fight. A lot of my gear takes away shield for cost.

I like the geyser heals so much better. You can hit multiple people with it, it’s kind of buggy and I’ve noticed if I drop it initially on your feet and you walk away, sometimes it’ll still give it. Plus you can hit more people with it. It’s great for saving a stunned teammate as you can heal them for nearly 400, and bubble the people attacking them to buy them time. Riptide is used to push people back and speed up your teammates. If they need heals they are running away and not staying in the riptide, riptide heals seems contradictory, and heals less. as stated she’s a healer that is going to save you from what seems certain death, not a pocket healer. Why not take more burst heals.


It’s more for myself tbh. Cause later on I go for more stacks while being affected by Riptide which means a little health + stacks.

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I never thought of using heal Geyser to save stunned teammates. A good pick if you’re facing Ghalt.

It most cases, it’s just too difficult to hit an allies with heal Geyser consistently, meaning you can spend the entire match not healing a single person with your heal Geyser. If you’re pro enough, go right ahead. The numbers are better, but the application of it is poor without great skill.

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I think it’ll depend on the match. I just had one where they dashed towards geyser willingly, and I didn’t regret using it.

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Depends upon how good you are about paying attention to your allies and swapping to target them. I’ve had no problem playing as the only healer in my group for PvP, doing both maintenance and rescue healing.

How effective Alani is at healing depends heavily on how good you are at (1) attacking and (2) changing targets. If you’re good at both (and geared properly; her lore legendary is amazing because it’s 12 heal power, 4 attack speed, and 15% extra over 4 secs to Wellspring), Alani can blow away any other healer/support (it only takes 9 hits to recharge Osmosis and her default attack speed is 2.67/sec). She’ll also be throwing out a lot of damage and interfering with the opposing team.

Alani has an absolutely amazing top end as a support character, though you can’t just look at her as a support character. You need to do everything she does in order for her to be good at anything that she does because there’s loads of synergy between each of them.


The thing is which heal you use should be more determined by your team comp if it’s you and two mellee in your lane or just you and a tank in your lane then you should run geyser heals any other combination especially if your lane consists of very mobile characters you should run healing on the wave…

Okay, that makes sense. Also depends on the number of their melees.

Her legendary lets you do hot(heal over time) even if is just a tiny bit, geyser heals a lot and has a big aoh also skill dmg and heal power both affect her primary heal and her geyser heal.

I recomend heal power, skill power and attack speed, i just keep everyone healed no point in save your heals if you can get them fast enough and save geyser for myself or for meele members (bubble their target and get healed)

Have you played Alani since the last Geyser nerf? The radius on Geyser is laughable now. You’ll catch 1, maybe 2 allies with it if they stand still.

This is the first I have ever heard of skill damage affecting her heals in any way. You got any evidence for this?

[quote]I recomend heal power, skill power and attack speed

Attack speed is the most important stat for Alani, hands down. She deals more damage, heals more often, and, if you go with the R helix at level 7, use her skills more often as well. Attack speed does everything for her.

Personally, I don’t really bother with heal power that much. Wellspring is absolutely massive and a lot of it gets wasted on overheal, in my experience, as long as you’re healing on a regular basis rather than holding on to your Osmosis stacks. Heal power is more useful for buffing the heals on your skills, since those are much more maintenance healing oriented. The only heal power I’d bother with is Alani’s lore legendary, because it also comes with attack speed and gives Wellspring a very significant boost (on par with her +heal helices).

Skill damage is absolutely terrible for Alani. Since the first round of Alani nerfs, the damage on her skills is now pretty pathetic; whereas her damage used to be primarily on her skills, it’s now almost entirely on Torrent (which you should be doing as much as possible thanks to attack speed and Osmosis stacks). Even if skill damage beefs up her heals, I wouldn’t bother since, as I stated before, her healing is bursty and ends up pushing into overheal a lot anyways.


I think he means the heal has a large aoe.

Pretty sure it’s the same size as Geyser. Even so, it’s still not that big.

It’s not. There’s a larger circle surrounding it to indicate healing. It covers roughly the size of upgraded napalm. It’s not exceptional, but still extremely useful.


I’m still gonna prefer Riptide since Riptide is definitely a bigger area and, imo, more useful since you should be spamming that pretty much on CD (also, level 9 doubles the healing you can get from it, so synergy).

Oh yeah, it’s definitely stronger, I just like burst (I play Orendi and Phoebe mainly).

It’s heal aoe is actually decent. Covers roughly 40% of overgrowth’s spawn point, I’d think. And geyser radius increases the aoe heal. Take the mutation against CPUs and lay the geyser. You’ll see a more faded ring. That’s the heal AoE. I definitely prefer that over Riptide. I generally spam it at the spawn point and ping it repeatedly, hoping my teammates understand I took THAT for healing instead of riptide.
But @Kitru is pretty spot on.
In order to really shine as Alani, you can’t push her into a role, but rather flow like water through all her roles. She crits thralls easy, can hold a line, punish melee, and more often than you realize, you’ll be sitting on Max osmosis stacks.
I take heal gear on the chance I have one of the higher health pool characters on the team, and to boost heals to myself.
I change up the riptide mutation. If my team is filled with good lane clearers, I’ll take slow, otherwise I take DoT. I’ve sniped down many almost dead targets with it.

If you’re looking specifically for the best healer (as in, there’s only going to be one in the group,) Alani is best in groups containing large people who will need heals often (such as Montana, Kelvin, or Toby) so that it is easier to target your heals. As much as possible, you want to use your heals on allies because it’s more efficient, so having larger characters who are easy for the enemy to target often means you won’t be the target, and also that it’ll be harder to miss them when you go to heal them.

That said, I’d argue against heal power or even skill damage if you’ve got the Pacifier. Having a shield at all on Alani makes a significant difference in survivability, and any enemy damaging you will have taken damage from you after the first few seconds, and before that unless they sneak up on you. So in one item the Pacifier gives you 98 shield damage you take before health, and 10% less damage dealt by enemies … including any enemies hit by your riptide, which means you can paint the enemy team to prevent damage, which makes it easier to keep your team up. Less damage on Alani also means more heals for allies, which in my experience makes the Pacifier more effective than stacking the biggest heal you can, which often will heal for more HP than smaller characters (or bigger characters who aren’t low on health) will need.

Typically I run her with the Pacifier, then attack speed and a shard generator, or a zero cost shard and shield plus full cost white attack speed in capture. Attack speed for her is always better than heal power (as it means more heals AND more damage,) so for the same reason I’ve started taking the 20% attack speed rather than cooldown, as that nets you more target-saving heals, and likely more damage as well.

I hope you have fun with her though, however you build and gear her!