Alani and hero keys not working

Digital deluxe owner and no hero key and alani is locked.

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Same here. She’s not even showing on under Command, character/loadout management for me even though I’ve rebooted/currently updated. It’s still early but this is the third time I’ve had problems with the game since its release.

Should the edition owners be keeping an eye out in their email for our codes or is it supposed to automatically appear in our game?

close application and re-open it after you purchase her. That worked for me and she showed up in command also.

just go to command and marketplace and she should be there. Select her, press triangle (PS4) to use your key and unlock, should be on your account automatically. I have digital deluxe also and that worked for me.

Thank you for your help! It’s working after a few tries. :relaxed:

Bought season pass today. I was able to unlock just fine but my wife who plays on the same console cant. Reason???

People seem to be making the mistake that the game actually saves your data to the console. keep in mind thia game uses online accounts like an mmo and not stored aaved data so you can play in any pc or consolw that is the same platform. that means you didnt download anything, you unlocked her for your account. which translates too you both need your own season pass even if same console.

its like WoW, if two people use 2 different accounts on one computer they still have to buy their own individual expansion.

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Wow so even though BL and BL2 when I bought the season pass all DLC was available for both us, now I have to purchase everything twice? WTF?

Bordelran everything was downloaded to the console, you didnt have accounts unless you played on steam. this is more like an mmo or moba, you botb have the character downloaded just not unlocked. Keep this in mind for future games that have you requirrd to be signed in to play. Its annoying but this system also means you’ll never lose your account and stuff even if you get a new console or pc

The keys are tied to the account of the person who purchased the season pass.

Ok. So just before I have a fit. Is it ONLY the KEY that we won’t be able to use together or will it also be any further maps and such?

Maps and characters are free to all and do not require a season pass. She simply will not have the key, additional story missions, and cosmetics.

So we will both be able to play the other PVE story missions that they are going to release that you get with the season pass? Or we both need a Season pass? Because that’s the MAIN thing I’m concerned about. Not being able to unlock right away is fine. Annoying but fine. But I’ll be extremely posses but more so disappointed if I purchased a game and season pass for us to both play together and now I have to pay an ADDITIONAL 20 buck to play with her. The game is fun and all but I already paid 80.00 and I’m sorry GBX but this is no Boarderlands level experience and definitely not worth 100.00.

My game shows that alani is unlocked in the command center but at character select screen she is locked. I never was given the option to unlock her.

I had this issue too, but then I read above that you have to actively unlock her in the marketplace tab.

If you have the season pass and played the beta, you should have two keys. Use one to unlock her.

When I go to command then market place I get to scroll thrue 3 options loot packs, misc, and Xbox store but I see a character one that I can’t seem to get to pick. Alani is still not available for me and I even have the Digital Deluxe edition and nothing

Same here I still never got my pre order skins either beginning to wonder if I’m going to get any of my content at this point. I talked to Xbox live support and it is comfirmed that I bought the digital delux in April 12 2016. 2k sent me to a generic resolve issue for retail purchase. But I didn’t buy retail I bought Xbox live marketplace.

Same here digital deluxe and season pass owner and I don’t see any keys and I see Alani in command is unlocked but character select she is locked. I play on Xbox one and I’ve tried everything. Going over to marketplace there’s nothing. Tried reloading. Nothing is working. And when I get in game with an Alani I start lagging bad. But games without her are great. My internet is peak so idk.

I go in game to command says nothing about unlocking her assuming cuz ever since I beat normal mode and unlocked Klees all the remaining locked characters then became unlocked at the battleborn command screen. Big bug… So I load a mission Alani she is locked. So I went back to command scrol over to marketplace. It says LT to scrol over to characters. Tab doesn’t open so I hit RT I can scrol through those tabs. So I back out of that go to extras, shift. Nothing again. I m starting to get really pissed off with the service from this release. Both 2k and gearbox are doing nothing to help so far.

I’ve done everything you have and still nothing