Alani and The Void's Edge (Picture Not Showing)

So after playing Pendles in The Void’s Edge, I noticed that his face showed up on the top right corner when he is talking to the Wolf Sentry. I was excited to see this so I then played Alani and did the same mission again. However, her face did not show up when she is talking to the wolf sentry on the top right corner. Honestly if Pendles has this, why can’t Alani? I hope this will be changed soon. I was playing solo both of those times just so you know.

Well, overall the voiceline triggers correctly and is audible, so I’d expect this minor issue to be adressed in a future patch. It’s basically just a QoL feature to ‘see’ who is talking, especially if you consider that most people by now should be able to identify a character based on voice alone :wink:

I have about 70 hours playtime as Alani in Story Mode alone and I never even noticed this. :smile:

I honestly think the unique dialogue is random, because I’ve played Alani a couple of times on The Void’s Edge and I haven’t heard her say anything.

The best example I have is when Thorn says something at the very beginning of The Experiment, instead of Mellka. I have only heard it once, but it leads me to believe that the game must have a certain “pattern” of characters in order for unique dialogue to happen. Maybe you need all Eldrid characters to have a certain unique dialogue option, or maybe all Peacekeepers.

Maybe it depends on which player character activates the dialogue? They’re all on script and/or location triggers (i.e. complete a certain event, reach a certain mission marker) so once you’ve identified exactly where/when the dialogue plays, it should be easy to test.

The first day Alani came out i noticed this. I was like “Huh?”

Random dialogues are called random for a reason. They may happen or may not, pure luck.

Yeah they need to put Alani’s talking notification in for consistency’s sake.

I agree.

Maybe you need both pendles and alani to be together in order for her dialogue to trigger considering how they use to live on the same planet.

Actually you don’t have to have it that way. Alani does talk to the Wolf Sentry at that specific part on solo and even sometimes in a group, it is just that her picture does not show up on the top right like all the other characters do.

Play as Benedict in the Void’s Edge.
Get to the Locked gate Wolf severs with his laser.
Nuff said.

I do not know what are you trying to point out here because I know Wolf has a sick-ass laser on him.

Voice lines don’t always trigger, in my experience.

Yeah, that’s definitely true. Had some runs on The Renegade, where Phoebe’s first dialogue with Caldarius didn’t trigger, but the last one did. That was weird… well, weirder than usual. :smile:

I still believe there is a priority system behind this, probably linked to who gets to a certain point first.
Although I’ve also heard triggered voicelines from characters who fell behind a bit, so I’m not sure that’s all there is to it.

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I didn’t want to spoil it but when the dialogue exchange between Benedict and Wolf begins, Benedict’s face doesn’t appear in the corner.

Kleese’s face does.

It might be just a random roll. It’d have to be, considering it’s how it’s so inconsistent. Though that doesn’t explain why they don’t start at all sometimes.

I knew that actually XD. I played Benedict on The Void’s Edge several times before and I know Kleese does not sound anything like that.

Specific interactions will occur on specific maps with specific characters

Actually i found that being top of damage normally activate ur dialogue depending on the map

With phoebe i can always trigger wolf and caldarius dialogue all the time if im top of the damage meter at that point of time… If im not top it would go to other characters iv notice this with ghalt if he beats me on damage hes dialogue triggers instead

But only certain maps play certain heros dialogue

Another example is thorn and montana book club dialogue foe voids edge for wolf… If thorn is top of the damage her dialogue will trigger… Also same for montana

But this is from my own experiance they might be completely random but i dont think that they are… I think certain events must trigger them

Another is thorn in the experiment if u can get to boulder first it will trigger her dialogue

[quote=“alekie1990, post:21, topic:1542533, full:true”]But this is from my own experiance they might be completely random but i dont think that they are… I think certain events must trigger them

It’s entirely random. I’m pretty much always top damage in public groups (and most private groups as well) and I get the character dialogue about as often as anyone else in the group does. If it was based on top damage, the devs would be purposefully decreasing the likelihood of purposefully low damage characters (like support characters and tanks) getting the dialogue, which is kinda dumb and unfair.