Alani Balancing Discussion

First and foremost, I want this to be read by Gearbox and this discussion to be treated seriously.
That said, there are other place if you want to complain. Go there. Also to note, try to stay on topic and focus on Alani and how to balance her - meaning keeping here character interesting, but balanced. Try not to bring up other games unless there is a specific parallel that works.
Also, even though you may disagree, let’s remain friendly. Too much anger on the forums as is.

After a few match playing Alani, I like her toolkit a lot. Fun, interesting, and fairly unique. However, in some ways I can absolutely see a difficult time in the balance department. She has a lot going on, so let’s see if maybe we can offer our aid to Gearbox and bring up some points they may want to hear.

The first thing, and one of my biggest points, is Osmosis needs a drain of some sort. Being able to hold onto stacks may not seem like the most unbalanced thing ever - considering how quickly they are generated - but having that kind of demand from a passive is very strong.
Now, I’m not saying it needs to be a constant battle of trying to generate Osmos (as I will now call them forever), but is hypothetically, Alain hasn’t done anything in 10 seconds, and can still hold onto her Osmos level, I see a problem. Gearbox would have to specify a time and tinker around with the drain speed, but I would guess no more than 5 seconds of not attacking should start the drain.

The second thing I want to bring up is also regarding Alani’s Osmos - specifically the amount of hits to generate a stack. After testing in a few PVE, PVP, and private matches it takes 3 hits to generate a stack per level. So 3 hits, first stack. 3 more, second stack. 3 more and final stack.
I feel this number could be tweaked a bit. Maybe 3 for first stack, 5 for second, and 7 for final? or 2, 4, 6? or even 3, 4, 5? I think this opens up the play level for Alani. The player must now choose what heal level is needed. Quick burst, or strong heal. This also leaves more wiggle room for counter play.

POINT 3 has been EDITED OUT - due to being based from a typo.

tl/dr - sorry. None.



Not got the mut yet but yeah 100 percent is too much also i like the idea of needing more hits the higher the stacks she can build them way to fast for the amount it heals.
I think once you have earned them they should stay though.
I not played her in pvp but her r1 skill holds people it shouldnt do this just knock up then back down like raths skill.

These seem like good, small changes. However, I’m not sure if it’d be enough; and can’t really comment until I’ve put more time into her.

I will say when I read the 100% damage reduction for 6 seconds my immediate response was it is a typo, which I think we can admit is common in many character’s helix. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this is the case. If its not, it def needs some tweaking.

The 100% DR is a typo. It actually only gives 30% DR. That being said, my biggest problem with Alani is how much she heals. Right now she can get 1000+ healing with full stacks mid/late game. She also has an augment that increases the healing at full stacks so you can get even more. She’s basically an objectively better version of Reyna atm. I think her burst heals need to be cut down massively.

I think that 100% dr might be a typo but I’m not sure. When you go to pick the choice in the helix it shows up as 30% dmg reduction for 3 seconds when healing a target with 3 full stacks.

I like the drain you mentioned and wouldn’t be bothered if it were implemented in its current state generating osmosis stacks is rather easy.

@dr_kleese you are likely right about her healing. I think Reyna’s burst heal is (225+120+115+450) 900 half of which is for shields if built for healing at lvl 10. I’d need to check the numbers but it’s approximately that. She does have the ability to heal shields (and health with her legendary) if she alt fires a target she put shield booster on. But it certainly isn’t as easy as Miko and Alani’s heal. Drop it 18% and I think that would be fair.

I figured it was. When I heard 1000 I figured that was pretty ridic as well, however it requires a few seconds of damage to actually get this off. It’s not like it has a natural cooldown, etc. So if the above changes are implemented you won’t be able to hold onto 1000 healing burst whenever you want. You see an ally low health, you’d have to look for damage to deal, then go find the ally and heal them, and if they are low maybe they are dead by the time you get to them. This complexity may provide some balance to a skill that on the surface seems broken, IF you are unable to hold onto your healing charge.

Edit: If they make it where it takes more hits to make max stacks, your looking at a pretty good while until you can get full heal


Then what would you suggest?
Me thinking out loud here. A cooldown seems a bit too much. A possible nerf on the final bonus from the Osmo is the only thing I could see - however then you run into the issue of the playbase switching to 2 Osmos depending on the nerf - making the overall nerf useless.
A possibility is a general nerf down the line to her base healing, then however the Osmos should probably remain at what bonuses they give. Thoughts?

Been out a few hours… already change the character thread…


I’m really glad Devs don’t make knee-jerk reactions like that…


Wow…100% damage reduction for 6 seconds?

Didn’t we just nerf the Alamo armor because every minute or something you were invincible for 5 seconds after reaching 10% life?

I feel like this is a giant leap backwards.

It’s pretty much been confirmed as a typo. It’s only 30%

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The point isn’t to change the character - the point is discussing balance. I love Alani, her tool kit is one the best designed. However there are points that show her to preform much better than other healers/support.
You are more than welcome to join into the discussion if you feel that she is balanced though!

@pauldavidgleason You should maybe edit the thread to include the 100% DR is very likely to be a typo that in actuality is only 30%. Just a suggestion.

I don’t feel the need to make suggestions until I’ve had more than a few hours with anything. I like to have reasoning, examples, and research.

Especially considering the changes you’re recommending don’t even take into account the aforementioned fact that the immunity is not %100…

You haven’t even had time to assess the character, how can you recommend changes?

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Oh thank god haha.

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Well reyna can heal 400 plus 400 overshield plus 120 shield depending on level and gear then charge the overshield so its not that much more i think they should just make stack slightly harder to get 3 first then 4 6 and her gain stacks while it her wave just be slightly reduced as well.

Yes, but a balance discussion is premature. People are still figuring out how to play & counter her. Your concerns could wind up being unfounded or it could end up being much worse.


Broken as expected. Healing will stay op as long as the healing stations are so crap and there is no other way to regen.

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An increase in the time to get max stacks and having the stacks drain is a perfectly good idea. However I think that requires a full patch and it’s kind of unnecessarily complex when they could just decrease her healing by a percentage in a hotfix. I think a general nerf to her healing to make full-stack osmosis heal around ~500-600 at level one instead of ~800 at level one would be good.

I just go back to my comparison with Reyna honestly. Reyna has to spec into a healing with her overshield (still only heals for 225 overshield + 250 healing and still doesn’t heal as much as Alani including the overshield as “healing”. And Reyna’s skill is on a hard cooldown. Alani also has more CC than Reyna, she can amplify damage to enemies, and she can give allies damage reduction.

Just overall Alani’s healing needs to be lowered to compensate for the fact that she has almost everything else. The other supports need to be better at doing a few things than Alani and Alani should do a few things better than other supports.

Reyna heals 290 from level 4 and her overshield increases per level as well as she can add shields
So more like 300 plus 290 plus 120 at level 4 this goes up and she can charge overshields. Cant be crit while you have an overshield. You underestermating reyna
Not saying alani doesnt need to a nerf but her healing isnt all that op.

I’m comparing their level one stats. Alani’s healing scales as well (up to 1200 at full stacks, level 10, no gear). I agree with you fully, Reyna is very good. I’m just making the comparison to show that Alani’s healing needs to be toned down.