Alani: Big burst healer?

Posted some stuff about Alani on the BB subreddit and a caster from 2k hinted at having some info on Alani, as well as video on her maybe coming soon. Went to the site and found this:

“Alani has some inspiration coming from the Avatar waterbenders, she is a big burst healer and there might be some surf’n involved.”

Sounds super dope. Just thought I’d share.

Edit: The caster hinted at them already playing her at 2k

I’m super jelly of this :sob:

I know right, but seems they’ll be releasing their footage before the 24th. :slight_smile:

Would love to know if her primary is ranged or melee.

Yeah same here. Got another quote from a youtuber saying she is a “mix of Ambra and Reyna”

Who are all these YouTube savages that I need wilhelm to destroy?! Only bandits are playing alani before me!


Interesting. When the game launched, I expected Ambra and Reyna to be two characters I spent a ton of time playing. But I enjoy playing Kleese more than either. With any luck, Alani will suit me well.

I loveeee Ambra. Like Kleese too. Just find Ambra has more survivability when caught in a bad spot. I was hoping Alani would be an alternative to Miko, but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to be the case.

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Haven’t played Ambra all that much. I wish that after the last round of changes to her, they would revert the range on her beam just a little. She has to get so close in order to get it started.

I hope she has healing bubbles or something like Ambra’s sunspots. I’m not a huge fan of Reyna’s shield booster. I bet I’ll adore Alani either way though :smiley:

Yeah she’s def stuck close range until you get her mutation to shoot the AOE mini rockets at range. And with her legendary their spammable, but that’s not until level 6 or 7 in game I believe. Hopefully Alani will have a little more range.

Yeah she seems super cool. Wondering if she’ll be able to freeze people, etc.

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She’ll probably have a slowing effect for some CC. Freezing people as a stun would be even… COOLER… see what I did there?


lol I hope the quote is serious when he says “surfing involved”. Now that would be cool

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That might be her sprint animation.

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Omg stop it…that would be soooo dope. We can only hope.

Read this as a “big bust healer” at first :smiley:


This isn’t Overwatch…

It’s possible since she controls water, her attacks could be ranged lock on, like Orendi’s secondary attack helix mutation home in.

Well, we’ll find out Tuesday/a week from Tuesday.