Alani Bubble Question

So, first of all, I’m not an Alani player. I played her a couple of times, mostly in pve, and I never could understand where this interaction is coming from.

Sometimes, when she knocks people up with her gayser, one of them will be engluffed in bubble and held for additional time. I couldn’t find why that happens in any of her ability descriptions. This is extremely annoying, especially when happens to you, because this is probably the worst crowd control you can get caught in possible.

Alani players, please, tell me - how exactly that bubble is achieved?

Lol you just hit a player with it.

The Geyser knocks up minions and the like, only players get caught in the bubble for whatever reason. It’s called “bind” and it’s essentially a knock up into a stun.

Just for fun, it can trap multiple Battleborn. I’ve never seen more than two caught in the bubble at a time and I don’t know if it can catch more than two, but it’s not fun when you’re one of the two caught in the bubble :frowning: