Alani Builds - Let 'er Rip...(tide)

What kind of builds are you all rocking?

13.95 heal power/6.98 heal power in an assist, 6.80 cd/4.08 cd after melee, 9.80 atck spd/5.60 atck spd after assist. Still messing around with different load outs. I mostly support over dps and will say rip tide is my all time favorite skill for some reason lol
Soothing mist
Surface tension
Go with the flow
Wave shock (mutation)
This one differs, depending if I’m being for of a dps or a support
Stagnant pools
Either or depending on situation. This is in NO way the best build but I have fun with it and enjoying the hell out of alani :sunglasses:

Shield Power
Heal Power
Skill Reduction


As Chelton said, the 5th varies. I just don’t pick Extremophile, but the other two have their use.

For the 10th it also varies, but in PVP you may not get that high before winning. For PVE go with the healing pool.

Reason: In PVP I like to tag my Ult on somebody after I hit them with a Geyser. Before 10 people would normally run away once tagged. The geyser’s delayed effect will ensure they aren’t going to survive, and possibly run to their friends and hurt them. The added slow helps when that person is with a group and didn’t stray away for an kill against me.

In PVE slow isn’t that help with Alani on her Ult since Riptide can be used fairly often. I like to tag my melee friends with it while they go into the fray. The health from it helps them stay up while they kill.