Alani character guide

Hey folks,

Just published a new video. I haven’t been playing Alani as long as other people, but I found her super easy to learn and use. I focus mainly on my playstyle revolving around PvP than anything else.

I’m like one Ambra-death away from getting her lore challenges complete (all the Ambra’s end up on my team) but I’m pumped to get her legendary gear. I’d love to hear what you think and if her legendary gear is worth it. Thanks!


…Awesome guide! :sunny:

btw She’s one of the few characters I haven’t mastered, maxed yes, so I don’t have her legendary.

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It’s tertiary effect is a 4 second HoT that does 15% of the heal applied. It’s a healing item with secondary attack speed. Amazing on her. Combine with blue attack speed and another attack speed item for the best possible healing.

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Glad you dig it!

…Stack Attack speed? (Wouldn’t be surprised)

This guide is getting 2 thumbs up and concensus of being the “best Alani guide you’ll find anywhere.”

Thing (nasty trick) that comes in mind that can (though in most cases i do take Go with the flow) be changed is lvl7 mutation in case that you have strong healer on a team (Miko).
With stacked attack speed and healer behind Alani is the best sentry killer in game-she just keeps hitting and selfhealing (really nasty tactics that work with heavy ranged teams).

Oh, and swap third item (healing recieved) for attack speed or idk, passive hp regen/shield.

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Wow thanks! I usually do mess around with the gear on a regular basis. Hp Regen is awesome on Alani and I ended up ditching it for attack speed at the time of making the video.

The build is assuming you’re the only healer. For sure you could choose more offensive options if you’ve got another healer. I LOVE playing alongside Reyna with Alani.

NP, Reyna and Alani are nasty combo-though any good support+Alani is nasty combo.

BTW, guide is really good-you only lack pro breakdown of everything and a bit more versatility guidelines (i like more of a allaround guide more then specific-though then it would not be only this build).

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Thanks for the feedback! What do you mean by all around guide? I’m always trying to improve

Just wanna add my 2 cents. The Alamo-7 legendary is strong on Alani for whatever reason. I think because it gives her extra time to stack osmosis and heal herself by the time its effect is up. I’ve seen a few run this and they all did exceptionally well

U know…
Heavy detailed with pros and cons and alt builds and allies and enemies and more gameplay advices and funnier.

Here,take a look on 1 of mine old (outdated) guides for lol that kinda summarise what i wanted to say.

U did a great guide…i want more.

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Nice! Thanks again, I’ll take those into consideration. Been thinking about trying LoL out since Battleborn is my first MOBA experience.

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Would advise you not to get into that.
I played lol since open beta (end 2009/10) till end of 2013. Alistar was my primary (offtank/support-even now i mostly play support characters.
Guide u saw was rated no1 alistar guide on leaguecraft and had more than 125k views.
Was there during a lot of change in metagaming standards etc.
Left the game when it became too much waste of time imo.
Game became too serious for casual play and too random and offensive for competative.
Started playing Heroes of the storm cassually.
Ditched that cause of…well, i just do not feel lile im progrresing anywhere with HOTS.

Started battleborn.
Hate whats going on with player base but i think that this has much of potential.
Kept fighting.
Also-convinced 4 friends to buy game from g2a.
It started to be most awesome experience i had while playing video game.

Now thats why i told you that i want more.
This game needs proper youtube guides for newbies.
Ffs this game lacks basic game guide.
Do you know how much time i needed before finding what buttons “3” and “b” work?

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