Alani contributes nothing positive to the game

I liked the game better before I had to spend every match staring at the sky.

Between her and the thralls…

I don’t get it.

Why are you staring at the sky

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So he can heal himself instead of another target.

Alani brings a new support type to the game. A burst healer sustained damage controller is amazing.

So you liked the game better without her but you play every match as her?



You made my day sir.

Playing her makes me happy, therefore she brings positivity to my game. #rekt

But seriously, everyone has their own preferences. You have every right to dislike her, but that doesn’t at all mean that others need to share that particular opinion; like how I wholeheartedly disagree with you, because I absolutely adore playing her. To each their own, right?


I don’t play her much, but the name of the game now should be Battleborn: Pinball Wizard edition because everything knocks you around like a pinball.

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When I saw the patch and people complaining about her I was like “it can’t be that bad” and I started playing against/with her at every match. (which is nothing unexpected, and I have no problem with this, people want to try a new character and I would do the same)

At first I was like “it’s ok the character doesn’t seem that OP and annoying unlike what most posts say about her”.
And after 20 matches I’m just like “oh god how can she stay alive so long while dealing so much damage”.
She has way too much survability AND damage at the same time.
For example miko is godlike as a healer but won’t kill a pure damage dealer on 1v1 (unless if the damage dealer really plays badly…)
Meanwhile alani can deal easily with a damage dealer without any trouble at all.

They really need to balance that battleborn, either reduce her damage or her healing capabilities.

Another point, I already find it annoying that a knockup also act as a stun, but jeez she has a knockup AND a stun at the same time, it’s annoying as f*
Ok the ability is hard to land but when you see all the slow and knockback she has, the stun is pretty much free.


This guy gets it. Nice to see Earthlings here on the forum from time to time :slight_smile:

Talking about pinball, on temple I got a wave in the face and my character bounced super high and far and bounced back 3 time and then lagged & teleported back to were I was originally bounced…
And i’m just here like “wtf just happened…?”

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YES, YES. She pushed me back 3, 3 TIMES while bodyblocking me to get me killed.

Yes, over the average win rates definetely brings positivity to your game.

Alani is a hybrid character, she can do damage and heal. however her heal is not as good as mikos since his is constant. I find her to be a better Dps character and also an “off support”. She can easily be countered with any slow or stun and her E (water spout or whatever its called) is pretty noticeable and easily avoided. And also has fairly decent cooldowns on average of 20 seconds for her q/e.

She really doesn’t even come online until later in the game when her helix’s modify how fast she gets her 3 orbs to heals. But when it takes 4-6 hits with her attack to get 3 orbs she can do quite well. Without having 3 stacks though she heals for 60-200 and with a heal can be 500-1200 (depending on gear). But then shes out of heals unless its late game. So yea, I think her damage is justified considering in a teamfight she won’t be healing everyone at a rapid pace, maybe 1 or 2.

Ultimately I think it has to do with how she is built with the helix and gear combo. if the person is all damage then he will deal medium heals, I play her as a support so I do tons of heal but low-medium damage. Like I said, shes a hybrid. Give it time and let her settle in, wait for her to become available to everyone and see if she still tops the charts. its only been a couple days and everyone just needs to adjust to the new playstyle.


I don’t pvp in this game, but sure.

Are you aware that people mostly dislikes her current state in pvp rather than in pve right?

That’s fine, but you’re the one who brought up pvp. All I said was that I enjoyed playing her.

That’s probably because nobody care about the balance in PVE.
Seriously do you really care if you’re OP when you’re against minions ??
ALL the balance talk in the forum is about PVP
You can be enjoying playing her as much as you want, that doesn’t change the facts that she’s kinda rolling over us in PVP


Funny as I’ve destroyed her every time I played against her. People have had little time to play against her and no one really knows how she works as the best way to learn to defend against a character is getting to know how they work by playing them and most of the player base probably hasn’t played as her and won’t for awhile.

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The thread is in “general discussion” not the “competitive” section, so I responded to say that everyone has a preference, since I thought this was a thread strictly about liking/disliking a character.

But uh… wow?? That’s really unfair to state, especially when you’re reading into something that someone else threw me into. Like…you’re telling me I don’t know anything based on what? I literally never said Alani was or wasn’t balanced–I simply said I enjoyed playing her. Please read my actual posts and not someone else’s if you’re going to reply to me, because I’d much rather have a conversation based on what I’ve actually said.

Anyways; As far as a balance, it’s a little early to say what skill and/or how exactly she’ll need to be balanced (although I’m sure everyone has a general idea as to what needs work). As I stated in some other thread, give it a week or two, when everyone has a chance to play her/against her, and I think the discussion would be more fruitful. Right now, most of these “balance discussions” just turn into personal attacks (like it…just did).


I think because she is really easy to play, people are finding her OP. Most of the heroes that are easy to play feel op until people get the hang of taking her out.

Her sustain is because of her heal, and not because of her HP. If you burst her down, she is quite easy to take out. 1v1 she can be very annoying as she does decent damage and then heals and repeat.

Saying all that, I do think she is a little broken. I feel like her knock up thing shouldn’t exist, and that should of been replaced with her alt attack, and then give her a different alt. That heal can be quite strong, and can be self cast, that it just offers too much as a simple alt attack IMO.