Alani dialogue for The Void's Edge?

Pretty straightforward: Does Alani have Story dialogue? Played a PUG yesterday on Void’s Edge, one of the randoms picked Alani, when Wolf asked about what the team is doing later, two minutes of awkward silence. Is my game bugged? Was theirs? Or she actually doesn’t have this voiced?

She does have story dialogue on the mission.

If anything I think it’s Ambra that doesn’t have dialogue in The Void’s Edge

She says something about preparing ‘tea of mourning’.

Only omes I haven’t heard are amvra, ghalt, melka and kleese. Granted onmy kleese playthrough Nova spoke, so…maybe that is his?

she has dialogue, it’s just she literally says it out loud, not into a mic, so you have to be next to her to hear it. she says
"I will be steeping myself in what my people call ‘the tea of mourning’"
the sentry doesn’t say anything back after

She does too. Solo it w/ her. I forget what she says, but they all do. I just heard Whiskey’s for the first time tonight (he has a date w/ Deande apparently).

If it doesn’t get “radioed” if you aren’t near to her, maybe that’s what it was - I was far off from that player during the dialogue.