Alani does not have a shield?

I recently purchased Alani, but figured out that she does not have shield!!

while other characters have shield and health both.

Why ? and how to fix ?


Because Eldrid.

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All of the Eldrid faction characters, of which Alani is as well, do not have shields. They compensate for this by having a small amount of health regeneration over time as well as larger health pools during their level curve.


Okay,., so that’s why ! but is she any good ?

Miko, Thorn, Alani (Kelvin?), all Eldrid characters, all without shield. I don’t know if Boulder or Melka have shields, I don’t think they do (other than Boulders literal shield) but they all have passive health regen instead.

Alani is from the faction called Eldrid, they are natural type of battleborn (elves, if you know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue: ) and they have health regeneration to compensate for the shield.

Also, yes, Alani, even with nerfs is a really good support.

Alani, even after the most recent nerf, is a very solid support hero that has one of the best CC skills in the game.

Her heal is extremely effective at max osmosis stacks, and she does a decent amount damage to assist in both wave-clearing and killing enemy Battleborn.

Maste of Kelvin here.

He has a shield. It just has negative regen. So if you equip gear with enough shield regen he will have a shield :slight_smile:

Those who have mastered Thorn know she can have a +140 shield mod that gives her a decent edge.
I depend on it for the evil Ronin, especially on the Algorithm Advanced when they come 7 at a time.

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She was good. Then she got nerfed quite a bit recently.

I haven’t played in weeks so I couldn’t tell you for sure.

Alani can be very good, and I have seen people do very well with her. However she takes skill to properly use and you will have to learn to play her correctly to excel. After seeing what a good player can do with her I can say she is a good Battleborn.


She used to be “holy hell” amazing and quite OP.
She was recently nerfed to just “great.”

Her burst heal is still one of the most frustrating things ever (fight an opponent down to a sliver of health and splash back up to almost full) and her CC is the best in the game by far, once you learn to aim it.