Alani Double Heals

A couple friends and I have noticed Alani giving double heals to ISIC. We have at least 2 games with this occurrence happening and have no idea what’s causing it. I have no video evidence but I hope this gets looked into. I play on the Xbox One just in case this problem is console specific. In this game only ISIC was getting double heals.


Like geting 2k of healing?

Like the wellspring heal hits twice. Ex. I use my stacks and heal for 800 and then a second 800 of healing will hit for no reason. We don’t know what is/was causing this but it might be a good idea to stay away from playing these 2 together.

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I main Alani and never noticed this myself.

In theory, the only thing I could think of that might even interact with her Wellspring might be ISIC’s L2 Helix (You Dropped These! ;)). Although that would mean Wellspring heals is considered a projectile (and I’d expect the second heal to go to Alani herself, because reflect).

If I get to playing today, I’m gonna make some tests in private matches.

And :thumbsup: to @MahZeeeeeee for reporting this instead of abusing the crap out of it. :wink:


Yeah Alani is one on my main characters and have never noticed this before either. He wasn’t using You Dropped These and I agree that it probably wouldn’t work.

Neither of us were using any legendaries and the match was only about 6 mins long so I doubt our teammates would have had any weird legendary that did this.My gear was 0 cost shard gen with minus reload, epic heal power with healing received minus shield something or another, and I didn’t have my third piece yet. My build was Geyser heals, surface tension, the one where torrent has more range(can’t remember the name right this second), and slow on the riptide at level 4. I’ll try and get his gear and build when I can get back on; hopefully we can figure out this mystery.

I tested some hélix options but nothing made alani heal x2. Huh wierd unic bug? Without a video i dont think it can be fixed.

Yeah, I’m really regretting not taking a video but it was my last game this morning before heading to work so I wasn’t thinking about it. We also noticed it right before taking the enemy’s second sentry so who knows if I even would have had the chance for the ISIC to get low health again.

If it helps my allies were me as Alani, ISIC, Rath, Thorn, and Ernest. If any of them affected this weird occurrence it would be Ernest I would imagine.

You saw the blue water line of well spring be casted twice rly fast? Or isic hp got healed x2?

It could be geyser healing + wellspring

ISIC’s hp got healed x2 despite me only using wellspring once. The heals were identical, so I know it wasn’t one full stack heal and one no stack heal.

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Next time it happens double tap the Xbox button and tap x it’ll record the last 30 seconds and then you can use this site to share it with others.

It’s great for ticket help and showing off or getting in top play videos. Just type in your gamer tag.

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Thanks, I’m aware but wasn’t thinking about it at the time.

No worries happens to the best of us.

Here’s a link to dante_on_point’s stream from last night:

Around 2:27:00, 2:29:00, and 2:31:00 you can see what may be double heals, they could easily be written off as a wellspring and Geyser heal but at 2:50:00 you hear the streamer talking about the possible double heals and you see them again at 2:51:15. In most of those time stamps I suggest watching about 30 seconds or so.

Neither players in this video are myself and this is not intended to call them out as they are friends and I’m certain were unaware of this issue at the time.

If you have the match in your match history you should be able to find the Match ID and report it to gearbox support, they should be able to review the match.

Hmm, 2:51:15 is the best example, it does indeed look like a double heal, at least I couldn’t hear geysers audio queue? Though at full speed it’s harder to see what happened. But he did get a full heal twice in a row.

Very interesting, though it would be best to get some footage from Alanis POV.

@Jythri maybe you guys should look into this?

We’re starting to think it may be tied directly to the LLC rare shield pen. gear the ISIC is using but haven’t had him on to test it and none of have the gear to test it without him. We’re grasping at a pretty loose straw with this theory but it’s all we have.

Gentleman’s Bourgeois Bypasser
21% Shield Pen
10,50% Shield Pen while shield is full
^this one?

No, it’s just a rare which makes it make even less sense but it’s the only outlier that we’ve noticed. Like I said the loosest of straws we are grasping.

Can you find it?

That is a rare LLC shield pen item

With a penalty it has the Synthetic prefix and comes with -CC duration, 14% I think is the max?