Alani feedback/bugs

So I’m enjoying the new healer, I like playing as healers and I still think Miko is best but Alani seems to be better at damaging. Although there are a few issues I have.

Riding Riptide helix is broken… I can’t even count the number of times I’ve glitched into areas accidentally. I like the idea though, riding the wave to give her a faster retreat or to rushdown. But it’s a gamble because you might end up stuck inside a wall or something. I don’t like how you can easily Riptide yourself off a cliff. Even if there’s a railing it’s easy to go over it if the ground slants downwards.

Her damage is nice, Geyser takes some practice to hit cause it starts off so small that the delay can easily cause you to miss. Not as easy to hit as Orendi’s delayed AoE attack. Her Ultimate is a bit weak unless you get the helix ability to slow enemies in the area, but then you’d miss out on a really good way to heal teammates. Her standard attack damage is actually where she’ll deal the most in combination with Geyser if you land it. Riptide with helix mutation can help but the damage and healing from it is rather weak.

I did notice on Capture though she becomes less of a healer. She needs to attack something in order to boost her Wellspring and on that map you’re only going to be able to attack a few minions or turrets (aside from enemies of course). Even with epic heal power mods + her minimum heal boost through helix it will take some spamming to get someone healed up. And don’t even start with Geyser healing, rare occasions it might help melee characters who are engaging enemies but that’s it. Riptide and Geyser healing both require your teammates to stand still in the certain area and that’s just not possible most times. It’s also very easy to heal the wrong person and end up wasting it, having to build it back up… by then the person who needed it is usually dead.

Overall Katara I MEAN Alani is a fun support CC character with decent damage. But to be honest she needs some work.

Haha, Katara was the first thing I thought of when they released her details.

How cool would an earth Mage type character be, with an skill where you pop a boulder by stomping the ground and then kick it at enemies?

I don’t see why not, they aren’t trying to hide the fact that these characters are “borrowed” I would love a Earth Bender, or Fire Bender.

I could finally hit Boldur in the face with a boulder