Alani Fully Rendered is Sexy

Just thought I’d start an appreciation thread for the new girl on the block. lol Seductive eyes, low waist line, I can see the fan fics coming.

Very little in the way of creative art for this game out there. Which is nuts given it’s art style.


I really like her design - even if she´s sexy, she is in a realistic way, no SoulCalibour Ivy^^
Even as girl I can appreciate some aesthetic females in a game, I mean, they gave us WF too :wink:


I like the female characters in this game, the ones in Overwatch are irritating to me. The dainty eskimo girl especially, annoying voice, annoying animation with one hand all tilted back like she doesn’t want to break a nail, like seriously? lol

Do you think Alani and WF are the same race? They both have a similar skin tone. OM has the same skin tone, I just can’t find the concept art for him again.

I had thoughts about this in this topic, have some posts in there with theories on that :slight_smile:
-> So... Oscar Mike and Wiskey Foxtrot are fishes?

Now I see her full art I´m not 100% sure that she has gills on her lower ribcage though. It looks more like, dunno…metal claws embacing her? Have to look deeper into it, her"gill-setting" is just so similar to WF, there has to be something about it!

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Wait, wait?

Dainty Eskimo girl?

Very Dainty indeed. Blizzard clearly went for sex appeal here, all about TnA.

I just wished they’d have done a little more with the design :confused: It’s rather bland compared to a lot of other characters, the silhouette isn’t very interesting either. I hope the rings on her have some purpose and aren’t there to just artificially making the character look less monotone.

I don’t know, I just don’t really like her design? At least the other characters in the PAX preview look interesting.

They were probably referring to her animations.

Though personally I think Mei is cute and one of my favorite champions. One of the few female Overwatch (Blizzard) characters that don’t have a super thin build.

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Yes I was referring to her voice and animations, as clearly stated in my post that was probably skimmed over.

I think they look good although Mai in the concept art looked even better. Zarya is really underappreciated. Not a groundbreaking design but far from being bad

Alani would be my favourite design if I had to choose between OW heroines and BB heroines.
But I like cartoony/animelike designs always the most so I am biased to the core

Aint WF a failed clone?

For what it’s worth, and I know Gearbox marketing has interest in this, I do prefer playing as a Girl character in games.
Why? Reasons!

Borderlands: Yes! Fire all the way!
BL2: Yes! Phase my way to happiness.
Pre-Sequel: Yes! The Dutchess of course. Ice Ice Baby.

…btw currently a very happy Master of Deande :sunny:

Am I the only one appreciating BB’s dev’s non-interest in using boobs & butt characters like they did in overwatch ?
If I am, i’ll be disappointed in that comunity a lot…

That’s one aspect I like about battleborn, no boobs characters you’ll see perverted everywhere.

That’s mainly, I’d say, because the community is quite smaller and probably less perverted :wink: But I think I saw a “cute” Phoebe + Thorn drawing…

Nah, Battleborn just gets steroid abusers instead of TnA. I swear, 90% of the males skipped leg day.


Whatever character is created you’ll always see a perverted version of it. But less likely if the character isn’t already pevert in some sort.
Thorn is like a pile of sticks sticked together and phoebe is… Well I forgot about her… but she’s not that bad.
And the only one who has a chance with her is caldarius… Or Toby maybe :smiley:

Even the nameless UPR corpses! It’s like they’re secretly more dwarves that no one noticed.

You what else is nuts how much i see your name saying bad stuff about this game which is fine if you owned it but you dont.
Edit i miss understood you comment

Thats why I loved Mordecai and Zer0 alot, always appealed more to me (as a hetero woman) than walking packs. Not that I dislike Kieg or WF, but somehow I like the realistic skinny types more^^