Alani + Galilea + Miko ... whoa

I assumed Miko would be displaced by Alani, but having those two PLUS Galilea - two healing, CC, and even Damage on lock down.

Have played against a few teams where they had those 3 together and it was freaking crazy to try and kill any of them (usually Galilea went first - she’s kinda getting lost in the shuffle with Alani now).

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Well its hard to kill anyone 3v1 and even harder when 2 are supports miko and reyna are the worst. Not see a alani and miko yet.
Omg reyna and alani about get the kill, no alani heals for 800 then reyna with 250 plus 300 health.
But yeah 2 supports+anyone else=unkillable which i get they be really bad supports if 2 couldnt keep 1 person alive.

Wasn’t even suggesting as a 3 v 1 - just as an a combo overall. Had a ridiculous minute of chasing around trying to eliminate them with my team. Hard to describe, but haven’t seen anything like it. Just all running and healing (as I was Alani too, but sans Miko or Galilea on my team).

I think the best approach in Meltdown would be to harass them with a skirmisher like Caldarius. Don’t try to kill them, just keep them occupied. meanwhile rampage on the other two members of the team elsewhere on the map. Might be a bit trickier on Incursion. CC/AoE would obviously help. I’d probably go for Alani first. If she uses her heal on herself it is only half as effective.

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