Alani Gear - Attack and Heal

Any thoughts/criticism on these loadouts? I use the Attack build when we need an extra boost of power on the team or there’s another healer like Ambra/KU/Reyna and the Heal build is only used when there are tanks.

  • Attack Alani


I try to go as cheap as possible with her since 90% of my time is spent just behind the front line throwing as many water bolts as possible and don’t really have time to collect shards

  • Heal Alani


Yeah it sucks to have buildables cost more, but like I said earlier I’m always right in the heat of the battle and don’t really have time for buildables or collecting shards.

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My PvP Alani loadout is…

  • Flawed Purple Eldrid Attack Speed
  • Flawed White Eldrid Heal Power
  • Flawed Purple Eldrid Skill Damage

This is what I’ve found to be Alani’s best PvP loadout overall. And if I feel like focusing on the end game, I run her legendary instead of the white heal power.

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Do you go with the Skill Dmg over Attack Dmg because it’s the flawed Eldrid gear or because you prefer Skill Dmg over Attack Dmg for her?

Skill damage boosts Splash Zone and Osmosis heals, if I remember correctly.

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I run;

+14.00 Health Regeneration
-42.00 Shield Recharge Rate
0 cost

+9.10 Skill Damage
+210 Maximum Health after surviving for 180 seconds
-140 Maximum Shield Strength
420 cost

+14.00% Heal Power
+7.00% Heal Power after surviving after 180 seconds
-42.00 Shield Recharge Rate
630 cost

The thing to note about Alani is that skill damage affects her healing as well, all of it. That includes her regular Osmosis healing. Therefore i can recommend swapping your attack damage for skill damage.


I get as much health regen and max hp as i can. Right now she lacks survavility. Her self heal sucks and her cd on geyser is huge.

If the enemy team focuse on alani or dmg her below 50% hp she will strugle btw healing her team or herself and risk to get ulted.

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Personally I think attack damage is a waste on her. I don’t want things to die in fewer Torrent hits, because that means less Osmosis.

Skill damage also boost

  • Riptide
  • Geyser
  • Emergence
  • Wellspring (heal)
  • Splash Zone (heal)
  • Soothing Mist (heal)
  • Surface Tension’s shared damage (pretty sure)
  • Wave Shock
  • Deep Song (heal)

7 of which I use in my build.

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Did not know this!!! I just figured it was Attack Damage since that’s her secondary “attack”. Half of the reason I use Attack Damage is to boost my Osmosis healing since that’s the primary healing outlet. Good to know!!!

Agreed, I have a rotating third gear loadout for her that’s for survivability but I feel like I am then lacking healing or attacking power. flawed health + health after 180, flawed regen + regen after 180, flawed healing received.

I didn’t think about Skill being more useful overall because I was too concentrated on Attack Damage boosting my Osmosis heals but apparently that’s wrong!

Looks OK. If you actually cower behind major players’ backs this suppose to work fine. You benefit poorly from Attack Damage boost though.
I’d alsoe search for more harmful flawed items, like - Reload speed or - Shield Recharge rate.

I personally got two different loadouts for different occasions:

  1. Healer build

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This gives me pretty good bost for Heal Power, excellent boost for Attack Speed and some reasonable regen boost, so I can concentrate on healing others.

BTW As soon as it’ll drop for me I plan to exchange Antiquated Pugilist’s Aelfrin Warblade on this

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  1. Frontline [tanky] build

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    for increased mobility, additional Max Health and Attack Speed.

Sometimes I exchange Sprint Speed boost on some cheap syringe (HP regen) or mentioned above Healing Power boost. Major Maxc Health boost is the major item here - so that our scrony Helician wouldn’t be 1-Hited so easily.

Also here I plan to exchange first item on Antiquated Stout Aelfrin Warblade as soon as I’ll get it.

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I’ve got this and the Skill Damage version of it so I might have to utilize these a bit more.

Looks like I’m changing my attack loadout to

Remove this one and change it for skill dmg + hp-shield or get a healing recive + regen -shield

Edit: i dont like ti stack health on her… Why? It takes longer to get ur max hp back if u get 2500 hp it means you need like 10 full stacks to heal u, thinking of course that u didnt got any dmg while doing so.

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I use a similar build: health regeneration (420), attack speed and health kit (both free).

also, don’t forget skill damage boosts her healing. I tend to have the same load out but without health regen, I use a cheap 420 skill-damage

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@Ripley @dantesolar @SirWalrusCrow @reliikki @khimerakiller

You all were 100% correct about using Skill Dmg instead of Attack Damage.

It was night and day difference when it came to Osmosis Heals. After a pretty typical round of Incursion for me, my healing was 9,000 more than what I average. I was taking players from almost death to 99% health with one Wellspring.

Thank you all again for the help!!!


Before the nerf i used her lore legi with a free cd and skill dmg with hp-shield but after the nerf with all that heal power i couldnt keep myself alive…

The self healing sucks so bad with her… Your best chance is to survive more so u can heal more, instead of maxing your healing

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Agreed about the survivability. Last night I changed my attack loadout to contain 420 HP after 180 seconds (Att Spd and Skill Dmg) and a flawed health regen with healing received. And then the heal loadout has 210 HP after 180 (Skill Dmg) and healing received after taking health damage (Heal Power).
Many times last night I escaped with nothing but 100 HP or less and knew I would have been dead without those survival bonuses.

I’m flirting with the idea of Skill Dmg + 89 Max Shield, HP + HP when shield is depleted, and Att Spd + HP after 180 or flawed Health regen + healing received.

May I ask why? I’ve never particularly struggled staying alive with Alani more than other healers, or just characters in general post-nerf.

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In my limited opinion, I would have to say her speed makes her SLIGHTLY lower in terms of survivability. Harder to get away from dives or being caught out of position.

However, if they catch you with a Geyser, full Osmosis stacks, and a Riptide for escaping then you can survive almost anything that’s not a stun.

Disclaimer - the only other healer I play is Miko so I can’t really speak on behalf of KU, Ambra, or Reyna.

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When there is atleast 1 orendi, thorn, benedict, marquis, toby, well any heavy hitter in the enemy and focuse on you, being able to heal from 1000 self 500 to 600 self 300 feels awfull vs their dmg output.

Unlike the others healers who get a sort of constant sustain alani only have geyser or riptide (long cd) and wellspring (half).

Yes she can stay at range with lvl 3 but she requires to hit something to get stacks to heal, right now is more efficient to heal with two stacks instead if 3 unless lvl 5 dr.

Low hp with low sustain makes her the weak chain in her team, before stacking regen and hp i got bullied out of lane easier as the best counter to alani has always been to make her pick btw healing herself or her team.

For alani to be strong in a team is have a great team who can protect her or keep the heat away from her, something i dont feel needed even with miko the most healing orientated of all supports.

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She can stay at range though without Pressure Wash at level 3 though and will, to my experience, typically not be the center of attention unless dived. A health renegeration piece is enough forthe most part to mitigate cross-fire damage she’ll take, allowing her to heal others more often rather than herself.

Believe it’s been a while though since I’ve played Alani in a competitive match.

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In a competitive match you have a competent team and you can make diff gear choices.

And for some reason seems when i play alani, even if im safe back lines i get un desire attention from every ranged enemy.

Her model is thin enough to make her a hard to hit target but i cant allow myself to get sweatened for a fast finishing.

Is just our experiences are different as OP experience will be, but seems like everyones tips are indeed helping him/her/it to survive more and enjoy his game play.