Alani Gear Discussion

Here’s where we can debate gear options for Alani.

Being an Eldrid character, anything with -shield traits is desirable.

I think any Alani ought to be running a +Attack Speed gear, you can get a common with a -shield trait and no shard cost and end up with close to +10% attack speed right at the start of the match. This also has the benefit of leaving your helix options open later in the tree - she has so many ways of speccing into additional Osmosis generation that I can’t see the +20% attack speed helix ever being necessary.

I’m also doubtful as to the usefulness of -cooldown gear, her tier 3 (which is on the same level as the +20% attack speed as it happens) gives her a half second cooldown reduction for every hit on Torrent. She has no problems bringing her skills back online.

I don’t think reload speed or recoil gear have any major effect on her, if any at all. She’s not a single target attacker so shield pen is also probably out. She’s not a tank or melee attacker and probably won’t be getting CC’d much so CC reduction or damage reduction also are probably not necessary.

So, other candidates are healing power, health regen, max health, and healing received. Her natural regen seems a bit sluggish compared to other Eldrid, so regen gear might be useful, that said if she’s playing well she can be dumping heals on herself every few seconds. I think Healing Power and Healing Received would be great on her, it’s a double whammy when she targets herself with Wellspring.

I agree with attack speed, she also feels slow to me so movement or sprint speed would be good.

I’m torn on the third, shards for pvp maybe, cooldown possibly, Max health or health eleven for survival so you can use your healing on others.

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Heal powah

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I go with shield adding equipment in general for Eldrid unless I have a specific loadout for that character. It gives me enough time to bail if need be or a bit of extra survivability. Attack speed and heal power if a fabulous idea though considering with an added 12% heal power you’d probably heal an extra 120-160 health per full charge Wellspring.

My current loadout for Alani…

Uncommon(green) Healthy Eldrid Bioweave: +280 max health, +9.80% healing received. 714 cost.

Uncommon(green) Healthy Remedy Box: 13.97% Heal Power, +9.78 Healing received. 712 cost.

Uncommon(green) Stout Golemic Sigil: +7.00% skill damage, +210 max health after surviving for 180 seconds. 714 cost.

Posted this in another thread.

Channeling Clawshorn Sanadal
968 shard activation
+5.16% Movement Speed
+6.45% Heal Power

Drained Mending Remedy Box
657 shard activation
+12.18% Heal Power
+8.52% Healing Received
-36.53 Shield Recharge per Second

Scoundrel’s "Hurricane"
924 shard activation
+9.80% Attack Speed
+5.60% Attack Speed after landing a Critical Hit

If you wanted to, you could replace the attack speed with a healing
received mod to keep yourself afloat if needed. I have one that would
bump the self heal from 50% up to 65-70% (Possibly. Haven’t done the testing. Don’t know how percentage stacks work. Is it flat stacks? Borderlands stacks? Diablo 3 stacks?.)

I should say that with this setup, and a certain Helix path, I was healing for a max of 1400 health.

I use attack speed heal power and healing received for a better self heal

Yup, I am using one.


I agree with attack speed, she also feels slow to me so movement or sprint speed would be good.

I was in a PvE mission with another Alani earlier. I had +10% sprint speed, they had none. The difference was so small it took like 5 seconds to tell there was a difference.

I tried stacking health but get way to good of a return on attack speed

Shard gen and Cooldown.

Using Thorn’s hack on her to give her a shield.
Don’t need to add any healiing, did Helio Advanced with her no problem once she had a shield.

Look at this time on Advanced…52 minutes:

Thorn “hack”? What do you mean?

Thorn doesn’t have a shield but you can play her with one if you use one of those mods that looks like a battery.

I figured, but what do Eldrid characters gain from having a 120 or so shield? Just the extra “recharging health”?

Since they have passive health regen, having a shield to absorb some damage is quite nice so your health can regen under it

…Correct, if you keep back-peddling, very fast defense and attack method.
It works for your survival, mostly against those dang little red bombs while you are reviving someone.
My only gripe in PvE is the entire team getting taken out when you are helping revive one person. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Personally I was going with my Kalven build :stuck_out_tongue: Max hp and max ho after 180 seconds , hp regen and hp regen after 180 seconds then damage reduction and Hp regen and ALL of them have negative shield effects making them all less then 700 :stuck_out_tongue: i get over 15 hp per second when it all stacks up

Do you think they are going to remove her bubble knock up? :confused: My friends claim its too good even though its only for one 1 second. Sure hope not!

nope just her health got droped for now

I know! For now. Hopefully nothing major is touched.