Alani Geyser Nerf?

For the life of me I don’t understand why GBX would get rid of the 30% damage increase to targets in the bubble when they reduced the time the bind worked. With reducing the bind time the 30% increase to damage should have remained or at least lowered it to 15, completely getting rid of it is the worst thing I can think of. Can we please get it brought back and lowered at least if you feel it was over performing.

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As far as I can tell, they don’t seem to want anyone to play Alani. This is what her fourth round of nerfs? I gave up on her over a month ago and you should too. shrugs


She’s still top tier in competitive play. She’s certainly not bad.

I just don’t understand a lot of her changes when they just added the wound mechanic to more characters. They should have left her a lone to till after they seen the affects of wound play out. To me it feels like they had these changes in mind before hand and then someone decided to add wound and they just said forget how it might affect this one character and leave it.

They added wound because people were complaining about the power and utility of healing being greater than it had any reason to be. They tweaked Alani because her performance, especially in her role as a controller, was greater than it should have been and because certain helices were viewed as being obvious choices.

Personally, the few nerfs she received, I fully understand because Geyser is one of the best support/control abilities in the game (knock someone up, freeze them in place for a second or two, and make them take more damage) and the increased Osmosis stack generation rendered any other helix option at that level irrelevant, regardless of how little it actually affected real performance (oh noes, I need to attack for another second before having my heal fully charged again! it only affects anything if you’re chain spamming heals as soon as you get them charged up, which is an unrealistic and generally stupid way to play because she’s a burst healer).

On the other hand, they brought her Torrent damage way up and made her significantly more mobile (both by increasing sprint speed and making the 30% move speed at max Osmosis stacks more viable). Ever since her (once again, understandable) skill damage nerf, her damage has been loaded on her basic attack (which is a very important part of her play as a whole because her healing, and, with a certain helix choice, her skill use, are enabled by her use of said basic attack) which means that augmenting her basic attack is a significant boon, moreso than on other characters because she’s an aggressive healer rather than a passive one like Miko.

Stop whinging and overreacting as if she were suddenly made useless; it’s just like all of the people whinging and constantly screaming about Galilea being overpowered (Gal is squishy as ■■■■ and remarkably easy to counter if you’re not a “take head and apply repeatedly to character’s face” type). Alani is doing perfectly well and is still a top tier pick even after receiving her numerous nerfs (once again, she totally deserved them); her playstyle is being tweaked a bit so, if you still insist on playing the exact same way you always have, you’re going to have a bad time, but that’s true of pretty much any set of nerfs/changes.


Again isn’t that the issue though. They added in wound and then nerfed almost all the healers in some aspect without looking at the data that wound would add. With Alani’s case they nerfed her geyser in all aspects which is a huge part of her character then made it harder for her to heal with the wound being added into the game. Those are some huge changes to make without having considering the changes wound would add to the game. I will keep complaining, I thought she was in a pretty good spot last week, they nerfed her damage a lot but she was still able add some control, damage and heals now they nerfed her control to the ground and messed with every healers heal by adding wound and yet they still nerfed Miko’s health, they reduced Kleese’s heal, Ambra’s has the potenial for more sunspots but they still get consumed by minions. Support is my favorite style of play and the add wound to counter (which I’m fine with as double support is really strong but to then add all the nerfs on top of that is lost to me).

I wouldnt have minded the geyser nerf if they would have left the radius alone. It is way too small now.

Yeah. I’ve been able to juke more easily now. Now when I see an Alani as a melee. I’m much less scared.

Dude shes still great.

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Because it was instant death if you got bubbled and her teammates were within your sight-line. The game doesn’t need a god-like character that can do everything. Get over it.

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30% move increase with osmosis stacks is still worthless imo.

People were saying that the 20% increased attack speed was worthless compared to the .5 sec CD reduction, even after her skill damage was nerfed. Now, it’s actually considered to be way better for a damage/healing Alani. Just because you think it’s worthless doesn’t mean it is.

I actually get a lot more mileage out of the 30% move speed with full Osmosis than the 15% minimum healing for Wellspring (Alani’s healing is super bursty so even a minimum heal is generally enough). The increased range for Torrent is a really nice choice, but that’s a question of what range the game is going to be at (Torrent range for long; move speed for mid/close). I think a lot of people underestimate how much time Alani spends with max Osmosis stacks.

Hence I said my opinion. Seriously why be hostile? I know others might find it useful, also just because you think it is a good choice doesn’t mean it is either.

Funny, its the option I go with now since they took away the faster osmosis stack. Wellspring is useless to me since I use extremophile and so they kind of counteract each other.

I am trying to finish up her lore and I gotta say her geyser does feel pretty useless now.

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Gaillea is one of the best characters in this game by far though.

She’s definitely a tier 1 character but that doesn’t mean that she’s the unstoppable wall of death that a lot of people like to portray her as.

She has very little flaws at all.
She’s not an unstoppable wall of death although she can easily be with a good team and assistance but she has like one of the best cc chains in the game. She’s heads and tails above others like her and the funny thing is her counterparts aren’t even bad!

Yea. I understand tweeking it to please everyone crying about it but to reduce it in every aspect is ridiculous.

It has a smaller catch radius
it has a red ring so it’s easier to see and avoid
the damage increase mutation was removed
and it binds for a shorter amount of time

Keep in mind, this is all after her other special had its damage reduced by over half. You can’t tell me that it’s reasonable to reduce the effectiveness of a character’s special attack in every possible then act annoyed when people don’t like it.

I completely understand.

Geyser shouldn’t be a death sentence everytime but if you are being shot by 4 enemy BB and a turret and getting away from the bubble that’s when you suspect something is off.

Galilea just got buffed for some reason even with her assassin like DPS that she already had on top of her CC arsenal and El Dragons nerf got reversed so we can only hope Alani will receive the same treatment. (Although consistent is not how I would describe GBXs balancing so far)

Hell I’d be happy if they just returned the damage amplification back to what it was and leave everything else so I can support the team more. Right now Alani is a great healer sure but her controller aspect is lacking perhaps due to both of her area control skills being nerfed? Who knows.