Alani Geyser Nerf?

Please, GBX revert her bubble’s radius or give back get 30% damage amplification.


Please, GBX keep her bubble radius as is and don’t give back the Damage Amplification. Players worth their weight are still good with her and she’s balanced now.

It was fine before with her reduced damage output since you required your full team to target the player trapped to even have a chance to kill them

Any reasoning for why you approve of the change would be appreciated although in most cases people state it’s better because I don’t ever die from it. Poor Alani players begin to feel more and more powerless outside of their healing (reminiscent of pre-buff ambra in some ways). Riptide has been nerfed and now geyser won’t be long until her ultimate is nerfed to leave her with only her healing

3 nerfs to the same skill simultaneously. Now? The bubble will be effective against a fleeing enemy as opposed to setting up damage to make an enemy flee.

Aiming and connecting a geyser (by no means a guaranteed hit) gets 15% extra damage for 1 second. Why use Alani over say Reyna who can grant 16% damage amplification for 4 seconds whilst not even aiming it? Or Ambra who with sunspots can grant the same effect as Reyna again without aiming? The increased effect was representative of the decreased likelihood of it landing but now what is the point?

Like I mained Ambra (prior to the buff) I will continue to main Alani as I like the character knowing full well I could use another character to have a greater effect for my team at least until she gets buffed in some way haha

Yeah, Geyser got nerfed way too hard.
If they won’t increase the radius back to original or re-insert the damage amplification for that 1 second, then they need to rework her level 2 helix choices cause both are pointless. If you ever get two people in there, unless your team has super fast reaction times, you still aren’t doing ■■■■ to those in the geyser.


Her geyser is useless if you land it’s by luck or the enemy wasn’t moving.