Alani Hard to kill? Xbox One

I posted this in another thread but it seemed the thread was about her being Over Powered.

She doesn’t seem that strong to me, but what I do want to ask is this…

Is anyone else having trouble killing her? I just can’t seem to do it. After the match is over I can see she has deaths, more than myself sometimes, but I never see it happen. I watch her just skirt around with 1/8 health eating mine, and my teammates attacks. Never seeming to fall.

Anyone else notice this:?

Missing? Thats about all I can imagine is happening

She is smol and skinny, and also slippery as heck. Its like Oscar Mike. How often do you SEE him die?

Her self heal makes her hard to 1v1, so you are less likely to notice her die as it’ll be in a team fight. Usually it’s when she’s being damaged more than she can heal and tries tooto run, or she gets smashed by aoe, I’ve noticed anyway.

She can’t self heal for much of anything

Her self heal is only half as strong as her ally heal

It is only half, true, but it’s a pretty big amount regardless. At least with stacks.