Alani Has Become My Favourite

Now that the only lores I have left to do are a few PVE grinds, I have the freedom to play any character I choose in PVP.

And I have been playing Alani a lot.

Like…a LOT.

i just keep finding myself coming back to her.

She is such a perfect mix between offence and support, a true and battle-ready combst medic.

If things go right, I’ll rarely get more than 2 deaths, my assists are usually high double digits, tons of minion kills (gotta get those bubbles!), constant healing too-ups, constant damage output, and, with the right circumstances, sometimes double digit kill counts also!

You can gear her up in a myriad of fun and effective ways and she is just straitght up fun to play, always in the midst of or just behind the front line.

Long live Alani!


it’s either lvl 7 or 8 where after you hit it, you can then cycle through all your skills every 10-15 seconds (including ult) just by hitting things with torrent, I love throwing multiple water dragons at people when they think you’ve spent your ult and are now an easy target :stuck_out_tongue:


I just decided to master her, I need like 4 more geysers and 2 more levels. I still haven’t figured out how to use her as support. I play her a lot like Orendi, near the front line, taking out minions, and constantly keeping pressure on the enemies and using her support more as a way to stay at the front and keep the other front line players up.

Any suggestions on maximizing her support abilities?

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[quote=“vegancookies5, post:3, topic:1549240, full:true”]Any suggestions on maximizing her support abilities?

Be aggressive and use all of her skills. Of course, her “support” doesn’t really extend beyond her healing (Riptide has the speed boost and that’s about it); most of her other stuff is control, rather than support (Riptide’s minute pushback, Geyser’s knockup).

Alani is a character that has to be played aggressively, constantly attacking, and using all of her capabilities, not just some of them. It sounds like you’re already doing that anyways so you’re fine.

The only thing you might need to do is get better at watching your allies’ life totals and rapid target swapping to heal them: doesn’t matter how quickly you can get 3 stacks of Osmosis if you can’t get the heal on your ally in time.


Alani has always been a favorite of mine. It’s just a shame I’ve got both her and her faction completely done. The only thing I get now for playing her (with the exception of personal satisfaction) is credits. Though I still grab her from time to time. She’s just got so much damn lane presence all the time it makes her a blast to play.


Keep in mind she’s not a sustainer, she’s more like a rescuer. Kitru is right about always playing her aggressively. It doesn’t matter how close to the battle you need to get, you always should be firing those water blasts into the enemy, both for osmosis and damage.

Early game Riptide is good to use on minion waves. Once they engage use it on both to heal yours and slightly damage theirs. Combine that with targeting the shepherd and it’s usually enough to push your minions forward. One you get slow on the Riptide it becomes the most consistent slow in the game. Use it on retreating battleborn or when a melee is approaching for the knockback/slow effect. You can use it to take control of massive areas of the map.

Since you can’t heal as reliably as Miko, don’t even bother trying to keep up. When you can afford it with the osmosis, try and use full stack healing to top off the lowest people on the team. If that means you, then do it. Once you’re able to add 30% damage reduction on it, start using it more precisely. When you see one of your team mates initiating, wait until they engage and give them the heals/reduction.


I love Alani but hate her in a sole-healer position. She definitely handles best as an aggressive lane controller with clutch saveing heals. I like to think of her as a more controlly Orendi. I especially enjoy her Transpiration helix at level 10; you get to dish out such sustained, broad CC and healing that causes a lot of chaos. Double knockback + 6sec of slow is no joke vs double length speed boost for your lane and, potentially, double HoT effects.

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Yeah, lol at Alani being a solo healer.

If you are my team mate, and you have the sense to stick near me as I flow through the lanes, there is a good chance you’ll get healed, but I doubt I’ll be actively seeking you out.

My team’s minions seem to receive the Brunt of my heals!

I actually don’t have much problem using Alani as a sole-healer, but I’ve gotten extremely adept at keeping an eye/ear on my allies’ hp and constantly using Riptide (I always take the Riptide heal helix rather than the Geyser; the Geyser is burstier, but it’s smaller, has a delay, is all-or-nothing, etc.; I prefer use Geyser as a pure control mechanism with Riptide as a tool for every occasion) rather than holding on to it, as well as empty Wellsprings for topping people off.

To use Alani as a sole-healer you have to throw out Wellspring as soon as you get the stacks, even if it’s overheal. Personally, I don’t have a problem with that because I stack copious amounts of attack speed (including the 20% attack speed helix instead of GwtF; my Alani isn’t nearly as skill driven as others) so I can get full osmosis and throw out a full heal again within a handful of seconds. It’s much more high stress than if you’ve got someone else along for the ride, but it’s still entirely viable.

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Depends on the team. If the team is able to dish pain to everyone Alani needs way more stacks. I play her the same way. She -rocks- with self-sustainers.

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the mass slow alani has is killer. I really doubt your ADC’s will realize exactly how much you’re feeding them.




Attack damage carry. The assassins, brawlers and hunters. essentially, they’re your dps. support debuff’s and cc’s others to feed the ADC’s who then in turn clear.

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Cool, thanks.