Alani Helix bug

Alani’s Helix seems to be bugged when viewed in command however shows up properly in game. There is not 100% damage resistance and the 0% increase/decrease is not the same as in game either. I’ve only noticed the issue on #5 augment.

She’s a lot of fun to use.

Already a thread here:
Alani Character rank 5 Mutator bugged

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Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s not bugged. It’s 25% for both. Just doesn’t show up in command.

I actually think it’s a 25% increase to max and 33% decrease to minimum.

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It is a text bug but a bug nonetheless haha. And yes, I’m aware of the actual values as I said they show correctly in-game. Thanks for the reply anyhow! :slight_smile:

Didn’t see that. Match was about to start, so I quickly viewed the image and replied. Sorry about that. Her emblems don’t show up for me, so another bugged UI element?