Alani Helix Mutations

Here are the screen shots of Alani’s mutations.

Character Rank 3: (Helix Level 4)

Character Rank 5: (Helix Level 5)

Character Rank 7: (Helix Level 3)

Character Rank 9: (Helix Level 8)

Character Rank 12: (Helix Level 10)


Got 'em added. Thanks. :dukeaffirmative:

@havicstone said in another thread that her level 12 mutation is a rank 10 damage augment of some kind. Think he said the name was Transpiration?

I’ll add it as soon as I either get a screenshot or can get Alani up to level 12. :smiley:

Yeah, I was hoping they might help us with that, which is why I did the call out.

im a little confused by her level mutation, how does it work in lay man’s terms? from what i can tell it it maqkes it so healing with well spring is only beneficial at full stacks but i could be wrong.

I’m hoping so too, but @JoeKGBX hasn’t exactly been very forthcoming with my requests. :dukejk:

Which mutation? Her level 5 one?

If you look at the build guide Havicstone posted, the rank 10 helix resets cooldowns on Riptide and Geyser when Emergence is cast. Maybe they can take a picture for this thread.

Did you email Ell, Gulf?

I don’t have her e-mail addy.

Did you by any chance still need the Alani rank 12 mutation? I got her up to Rank 12 yesterday.

Yes I do. You can either add it to her page or upload a screenshot and I’ll take care of it. Thanks.

Here’s her rank 12 mutation.


Cool! Thanks. That should be it for her until we get some more skins and taunts out of the loot packs. :dukeaffirmative: Thanks again, @DaRTH_FuRioN and @unversedcontinuu for your contributions. I knew there was a reason I liked this community. :dukeego:

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My pleasure, glad I was able to help.

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my apologies yes her level 5

She was on both of those email threads with us. :slight_smile:

No probs. Just hit 12 too :smile:

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I have 2 new taunts as well. I THINK I got them from loot packs…I know one was.

(A Moment, Serene + Danger Splashdown)

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Eldrid loot packs?