Alani is a god among mortals in PvP - please balance

Heal allies, heal self, sustain, CC, wave clear, escapes, and built in skill cool down, Alani has it all. Alani is not fragile and can take a beating while dishing damage and healing. It’s like every stat aspect is near maxed out on her.

Did Gearbox even test this character in actual PvP matches? Did they rush testing to release new content with the Overwatch release, to try to compete?

I’m baffled how ridiculous over powered this character is.


Let’s give it a few days before calling for nerfs. Every new character is going to seem like the next Galilea because no one has had time to learn how to counter them.


I melt Alani faces as Orendi, she’s not hard to counter at all unless the player knows what they’re doing.


Benedict has something to say for this, “You suck, You Suck, You Suck. hahah” he tends to say that after he makes her eat his rockets.




Why is it people have to complain for nerfs so quick. How bout learning to deal with her and give it time before saying nerf this and that. She literally just came out.


I don’t know, man. This morning everyone was saying she’s worthless and she can’t get the kills on Ambra… tonight she’s OP and nobody can touch her…

People play like two or three games, jump to conclusions that the reason they just lost the last one is the new god must be OP, and storm off to the forums.

I can’t wait until every thread on here doesn’t say “alani” any more.


smh its the same for every moba style game when a new character comes out its annoying but will subside


The same going to be true of all new characters in all games.


Yea its ridiculous. People just complain and get mad cause they cant win every time. Shes brand new and it takes time to learn her weaknesses and form a strategy against her.


From Alani’s perspective (And ways I’ve been killed so far)

Torrent is a little harder to aim than most ranged attacks, and if she can’t hit things with torrent, she won’t be doing much healing since she needs her stacks from it to do anything other than awful numbers. So as a melee, keep her spinning. As a ranged, don’t stand still. Torrent is also what triggers her skill cooldown, so if she isn’t landing it, her skills aren’t dropping numbers left and right.

As for her actual skills: Riptide is awesome, but once it’s fired off you can clearly see the stuff on the ground. If she rides the wave away, you won’t be expecting much damage coming off it and it also won’t slow you down.

Geyser takes a second to fire off, and it’s silly easy to dodge. It’s a great chokepoint skill for her, or to drop on someone when they are being chased. But once you know what to look for, it’s very easy to just avoid it. This is my view on both fighting other Alani players and watching enemies sidestep it. I land enough hits, but in 1v1, it’s a meh skill unless I can slow them first.

As for her Ultimate, well, yeah. It’s her one really big punch. But it takes a second to aim and it’s a skill shot. So if it hits you, it hurts. If you see it coming and dodge, it’ll hit the ground behind you. After that, just move away from the giant puddle.

Apart from that, she feels rather balanced. If anything, maybe her heal range might need a little bit of a nerf. It’s bloody massive.


Alani’s weakness is all the things you illustrate. She’s a jill of all trades. Counter her by making applying pressure on her, force her to decide what role she’s gonna take, and then beat her at it. She has to hit her autoattack to be useful,but even then does she self sustain or heal an ally? I’ve played only a couple pvp matches with alanis on my team and the other, and I really like where she’s at. I do think she’s a little overpowerful, but that’s almost to be expected and can be toned down. Similar to two orendis, I sometimes don’t know what skills are my alanis or the enemies ?

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this is so silly…theres always going to be the people who cry opop on release, shes so very balanced its absurd. My friends and I were joking about people complaining all day, so sad…good job batttlbeorn


I just played a game where both teams had an Alani and they were easily the worst person on each team. Only one had one kill, both had most deaths, and had very little assist

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She has sustain if she isnt pressured its not like shes low lvl full healing herself she gets a few ticks off her wave if you choose to build it that way and you get half of what you heal to your partners which is usually no more than 300, Not to mention you cant just heal at will…youre actually forced to engage people for your heal…woah…isnt that a concept, her damage is better than mikos for this reason. Focusing her down is easy with high damage characters, shes not squishy but shes not tanky, she heals over time because shes eldrid orendi, Gali, Benedict, Ghalt, Marquis, Rath can burst her down. I also feel like Caldarius Boldur, deande, El Dragon, Isic, Kelvin, Kleese, Melka, Thorn, oscar…to name a few can all apply pressure to her with their skills. I can go into why but the reality is its not 1 on 1 fights, Its team fighting and if your team is bad or you are shrugs she kills your team as a support character.

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She’s difficult to see though. She’s easily lost in particle effects. Perhaps she’s new to the eye, but from far away she’s hard to see, recognize until a wave comes flying at you and then you know she was there

Her mutations are all way cool

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Before we cry the word balance out with fear, the community needs to learn how to play her, play against her and play with her.
I played her and we rolled the other team, she can sit right in with the front line, not pushing but maintaining the push. I was focusing on setting up kills as apposed to trying to kill machine. That being said we were group of 3, mic’d up, which changes the game instantly anyhow.

On the other side of this I’ve played against and with some bad Alani’s, people who just wanted to one man army her, in these matches she had no impact, my Kleese had her out matched 95% of the time.

I think she is balanced fine, her heals have to be managed i the right hands she is dangerous, but she can also be useless.

Let it settle before hastily calling for balance(nerf).


Sorry, no. Learn how to combat her. I killed both her and an Oscar Mike in very close quarters on Paradise. (Under the side platforms where the large crystals spawn) Just because some people can play her well, does NOT make her OP. Yes, she has potential to be good at different tasks, but so does every other character.


She’s surprisingly balanced.

Her skillset has good synergy and her helix has tons of options.

Anyone saying she’s overpowered is drowning in nonsense