Alani is a god among mortals in PvP - please balance

I’ve been smashing her with my main, Galilea, all day. She needs to be played as a proper controller, then she’s scary - I do not like being sucked out of my shield stance into a bubble to be shot at.

She’s top tier, sure, but she has ZERO meaningful escapes. When myself or any of my allies get our hands on her, she dies, quick. I just watched Shayne devour her over and over again, it was hilarious. Highly gankable, and her heals, while meaty, require her to be constantly landing primary attack hits - she can’t hide behind a big meat brick like the other support characters. She has to expose herself to some degree to be effective, and as I mentioned, she doesn’t do too hot once people get up in her face.


I have to agree with everything you have said, bit in response to her heal range. I feel that her heal is more of a rescue, like Reyna, because of the need to charge it. In that regard, as it CAN do more healing it does have less range than Reyna.


There is a helix option for one escape. It is at rank 4, and knowing her choice there is important when fighting her. It adds one of three things to riptide (the long wave):

  1. DoT
  2. Slow
  3. Dash

But you’re right on the money otherwise. The interesting thing is that her range is decent, but not infinite, and if she doesn’t have enemies to hit, she can’t build up decent heals. That makes playing on a map like Incursion rather interesting.

Tbh I kind of agree. Playing as WF I just stuck three slow sticky napalm grenades on her and followed up with three scrap cannon shots while retreating and she just charged me and melted me with just her base attack in about 5 seconds. That’s redonk.

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We went 0-6 tonite in Incursion. Every game had an Alani and either;

A. Those weilding her were all good and new her well
B. She’s overpowered and easy to use.
C. She fits well in wave clearing.

I say A and C.
She can easily stack up her cooldowns with the minion waves in the choke points.
If you let her set up there, she can basically keep that choke point locked down single handlely.

One game it felt like she was just constantly splashing stuff through the choke points.

I’m not particularly good with mid range targeting, so for me shooting her down is a pain. A teammate switch up Whiskey with me and was able to kill her a few times in game.

She seems beutal, because she can do a bit of everything.

don’t get me wrong here ,but there also trying to not give you a complete crap character that youll never use/ want to use. like wow check out this new person; try once never play again. Or someone will rage that they spent 47k credits "for this"
i think shes ok if they do anything it’d probably be helix tweaking.

i think that it is pretty reliably possible that everyone defending her is convinced she is balanced because of their misunderstanding of roles. i think that is a common denominator when the majority of players playing this game are playing it on console and coming from console shooters. in shooters, everyone can kill everyone effectively all things considered. mobas are not supposed to operate that way. if the strategy to kill a support player in a moba is to need xyz to take place, then something is out of whack. the support is supposed to be the weakest offense, and the easiest to kill in the game. so viable escapes, and the best stun in the game are not cohesive with a successful moba balance.

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I just want people to stop exaggerating the truth. Best stun in the game? Not even close (though it does seem longer than a second).

And if supports were supposed to be the easiest to kill and have the weakest offense, no one would play them. DPS are supposed to be the easiest to kill.

Finally, this game doesn’t have a heal/dps/tank trinity. The difference in dps between the three is much lower than in other games, by design.

Maybe she is too good, but it is too early to tell when most people don’t have a good understanding of how she works.

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She is a crap damage dealer in pvp.

Her primary is both slow moving and weak. All her skills do low damage.

Stop acting like she’s gali.

Focus her down 1v1 and shes gone.

I can do it, and I don’t consider myself to be a gaming god.

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while that point works for your argument, it also works against it. if people are wrecking with her base kit, little experience and probably no mutations, imagine what it will be like when all of those elements are in place. granted, there is some truth to figuring her out as an opponent as well. and i think we have to agree to disagree on the stun. what other stun in the game amplifies dmg like hers and serves u up in the air like a pinata to just get smoked. is it the easiest to land? i honestly dont know. but it is for sure the best single target stun in the game. it isnt aoe stun like kelvin, which is how a support’s stun should operate, but it is better than even ghault’s.

i guess this is important information i must be misunderstood upon. could you please explain how you know thats what theyre trying to do

Why are you getting hit by it so much?

And its one second. The only way it kills you is if youre already dead

I’ve really got a question here…
I’m not new to Moba’s so i know the “New Character” trope…

But I really find that alani is difficult, sometimes almost impossible to kill.

Played a match and an Alani with NO Loadout, runs into our area in meltdown lvl 1, past the minion crusher and just annihilates us, not really killing us, but taking on 3 of us with all of us hitting her with abilites and attacks.

As well as another match where she seemed she couldn’t be killed.
She doesn’t do much damage from what I can tell, but she seems like the tankiest character i’ve ever seen in a game.

Am I the only one?

Her attack slow? Not only can you increase this attack speed, but her water balloons shoot fast as is-and cover the range of mid lane, where she can clear waves and stay unscathed, full charged osmosis always ready. It’s becoming consistent for Alani to have 80+ minion kills with 40k+ healing given. Is that balanced? I love the way she plays, she’s a ton of fun in Missions. But she appears to be dominating incursion because of her great influence in fights she’s not even committed too.

Well the only thing I can think of is you weren’t actually hitting with your attacks.

She dies as quickly as miko does if she isnt able to run

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Her projectiles are slow and easily dodged.

Every time man, its the same old thing “I cant kill her so shes OP” “she killed me shes OP” No one posting on forums is thinking “Hmm how can i counter her” or “I think my X hero will be good against her ill give that a try” I really have been enjoying Alani in PvE because the pvp ques are loooong today, and really enjoy her play style same way i enjoy gals so ill be sad if she gets nerfed, because i just find them fun to play even if im not doing damage i just like the style.


They’ll cry nerf Deande if they ever go against her with me behind the wheel.

And the current running argument on these forums is that shes underpowered.

Truth is you need to be good at the game and your chosen character to expect results.

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I hope the devs, as mature people, really give this “nerf calls” the dimension they deserve. It’s obvious for a more or less adult person to realize that those “complains” come from very young and impatient people (or directly spoiled entitled brats).

Also, a lot of people can’t use her yet, so any kill from Alani they suffer will make them rage even more (at least those with that entitled mindset).

It makes no sense to nerf a char which hasn’t even been out for 1 day, same with overgrowth changes and so on. The complainers will always get their voice heard over the others because they won’t play and enjoy as the others are, but don’t think they are a majority, because they are not.


I couldn’t agree more. She’s just too much and does too much.

I compare her to Galilea, whom people said did too many things. She needed a nerf.

Only thing about her I would change is her hitbox. Shes very smol, very fast, and very slippery. Her heals are underwhelming as far as strict heal support goes, shes more of a cc champ than anything. Playing a gunner against her is useless because her small size and huge speed makes her an unpredictable target.

Instead, let the melee or other cc heros take care of her. Rath eats her alive, Montana’s knockup or slow greatly hinders her escape potential, and benedict’s aoe + lock on is a no brainer. Oscar, Whiskey, Marquise, Caldarius, etc all are suseptable to inaccuracy with no real counterplay save for marquise’s slow and maybe caldarius’ blind.

If she builds CC gear, she loses out on something like heal power, healing recieved, attack speed, cdr, or damage reduction. She has negligable damage, heals that require offensive action, and nearly no survivability save for her slippery nature. Her self heals are laughable, her teammates heals come few and far between if she wants max osmosis stacks, otherwise she is hardly a healer and more of an initiator/CC dispenser.

She isn’t broken. She’s been out for less than 24 hours. Just because you suck against her doesn’t make her OP. You just need to learn the matchup and coordinate with your team better. She drops to a Ghalt in less than 2 clips which is easy to get off with spread helix, hooks, and traps. Just get good and play the game to learn how to beat her instead of whining on the internet like an entitled baby.