Alani is a great character, but has a bug

Alani is a great character, and while the masses may be crying her OP, she is actually balanced IMHO.This discussion is about something else entirely, however. Her “riptide” skill has a bug in it!

The skill has a set travel distance, but is designed not to travel through walls and such (obviously). It seems that the system’s detection of this contact is flawed, or something similar. I’ve been playing her when I can in both story and PVP, and I’ve seen the skill get cut short on very small ledges many times. While playing “The Renegade”, defending the power redirection point (last defense point before traveling to the final area where Caldarius is), I fired Riptide up the set of stairs on the right side multiple times. Depending on the angle, it seemed, it sometimes traveled up the stairs and continued across the platform, and sometimes it did not, stopping either at the bottom of or halfway up the stairs. Just earlier today, while playing incursion on Overgrowth, I noticed it get stuck on the far side of the shock turret platform in the middle (the turret was recently destroyed, and Riptide traveled on to the platform but not off the other side, aiming toward the open space the minions travel along). In the same match I saw it get stuck trying to travel down over the small ledge that lies just in front of the middle overlook platform (the one where you’ll often find Marquis sniping from in the beginning of a match). This ledge is just high enough to prevent characters from walking up across it, but it is very small and is turf bottom and top. Finally, a few days ago, while playing The Sentinel, I noticed the same cutoff, but didn’t think much of it at the moment as it was the first time I had seen it happen, and can’t remember exactly where it was.

So, thoughts, gearbox? Is it just not supposed to travel uphill (water flows downhill, haha, we get it)? That seems a poor way to design a skill, though. Is it not supposed to travel up or down a ledge over a certain distance, and it is occasionally failing to measure that distance properly? Anyone else noticing this problem or have an idea what specifically is causing it?

I’ve been getting this as well. I’ll be standing on my team’s ledge overlooking the center of Overgrowth and my Riptide will keep going, but if I’m in the side hallway or something and try to toss it out the door it’ll just become a tiny pool once it hits the opening.