Alani is ALMOST perfect. Great job Dev team. Now change 3 small things

(CL1CKS) #1

Let me just say it is so rare that an update is this good. Oh man she is my favorite. So amazing. I love all her mechanics.

Ok so the 3 things I think need changing:

  1. I would like to be able to see my osmosis stacks while sprinting.
  2. Healing myself should be a separate key. I find myself having to face the ground or sky to heal myself because Wellspring will target another player or even a minion very easily. I like how easy it is to target but healing myself is a bit difficult unless I’m alone.
  3. She should be listed as support, not healer. She does do lots of healing yes, but it is VERY difficult to sustain an entire team constantly as Miko does due to needing to attack to build osmosis.

I believe a lot of people might ask for a nerf because she is quite tough. But she is very killable. The trick is to spike her with damage fast. Such as Wrath, Pheobe, Oscar Mike, or any character with burst damage really. A lot of people might also complain about geyser being hard to use. But I believe this is necessary to make sure she is balanced. It is easy to dodge but detrimental if you don’t.

Thank you again Dev team for putting her in the game. I just wanna drool staring at my gameplay of her.


I guess it would make more sense to classify her as a rescuer like Reyna, since her burst healing is more beneficial to someone who’s about to die like Reyna’s overshields.

(Panaorios) #3

Today I found the perfect counter to Alani (even though I love her). It’s Benedict! I choose the three hawkeye rockets mutation and bursted her down so quickly she couldn’t even react.

(Jacaithsolaris) #4

The healing yourself thing and seeing stacks while sprinting I agree with. The other…no. I’d rather a small damage nerf and an increase to base healing woth a reduction to the osmosis multiplier. As is she is worthless without 3 stacks, I’d like to geal more, dps less. Contributing with control while healing.

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An increase to base healing sounds dangerous to me because it can be spammed. I feel like the intent was to force her to dps to do significant healing because of her healer/warrior past. I think it works quite well. You can boost the minimum by 15% via helix.

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(CL1CKS) #7

I disagree. I don’t want her to be just another full on healer with some cc. I enjoy her function. Miko can stun, slow, and heal. If you nerf her damage and make her heals viable while spamming then she is just another Miko. She is unique.

(Echatonchire) #8

I agree with vitessex for the part of healing yourself it can be tricky around minions and sometimes cost your life, but for the osmosis stacking while sprinting it could be too strong, because you’ll just have to sprint in circle and come back with 1k5 heal x) I found the fact you have to hit to stack them pretty cool after that if you find they don’t stack quick enought find a way ;p me i just augment her attack speed and it work just fine :stuck_out_tongue: And i’m glad people don’t think she need to be nerfed, like Panaorios said it just focus her and she can’t do anything x) People just need time to find way to kill her =)

(VKP Butcher) #9

I think you misunderstand his idea regarding osmosis /sprinting. As it currently stands you can’t see the indicator for stacks while sprinting. Would be a handy thing to have visible at all times and hardly game changing.

(Echatonchire) #10

Damn man you’re right xD Need to sleep more x) yeah indeed good idea XD

(viracon91) #11

Yeah i feel her title as healer is off since she isnt able to heal a group easily and its not really her primary thing like miko.
I really like her gameplay and her style i hope she doesn’t get hit to hard with the nerf bat

(Jacaithsolaris) #12

The thing is, if you nerf her damage miko will out dps her, which fits since he is healer/combat. Also his control effects (slow/stun) don’t even come close to her. Knockback, slow, root, speedboost for allies.

I find her control her most valuable asset, yet it seems alot of people gloss over it because ahe is such a grreat skirmisher at the moment.


You may have misunderstood, the point of seeing Osmosis stacks while sprinting is referring to the visual aspect. When you sprint as the character, the three little orbs below your reticle vanish. I have frequently found myself trying to make them reappear when I can’t see what the status is.

Edit: Apologies, I just saw the other reply to your comment.

(CL1CKS) #14

Yes she is great for cc. As for the comment of building Osmosis, I run attack speed gear on top of the helix. Also makes my dps fairly strong to attack that fast. I have gone head to head with other Alani and left the fight with full health and her death. It’s all in how you play her. I always warn my team right off that I will backup heal but don’t expect me to sustain the team.


Yup. Been using Alani ever since she came out and Benedict has been my headache.

(CL1CKS) #16

I haven’t had too many issues with Benedict. Other than his special rockets they are easy to dodge. I’m actually about to put out my character tutorial this weekend with Gameplay. I’ll link it here for you. There was a Benedict in the match. Also if you take the trait for distance and osmosis building of your attack then he struggles to stay out of range. I actually have also found with Benedict sometimes I just keep running at him, get in close and spam melee. With increased attack speed the damage is about the same. And his rocket explosions in our faces make it hard to see. Also I suggest using ride the wave trait when fighting him because once again anything that keeps you moving against him, makes you hard to hit.

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Pretty sure shes listed as Eldrid Supporter…Healer is a sub category…one that is also accurate. If you have a direct heal skill And multiple skills able to be specced for healing through Helix on top of it? Youre irrefutably a “Healer” lol

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I wish I could like this more… this is EXACTLY how I’d like to see her working.

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #19

Finally a topic about Alani which is not circling about her notexisting “OP-ness” :smiley:
So far I only had other Alanis as teammates (no season pass yet -.-) but I agree with all your points.

  1. I did´nt knew Osmosis stacks are only visible while walking, it would be usefull to check them in every situation.

  2. For PC this would be awesome, but as XBox-gamer I don´t see it happen…Not enough buttons on our tool.

  3. THIS!
    All Alanis I saw so far played as support. None even tried to be full healer. Why? Because she is no healer. Its more like a Orendi with a bit healing as bonus.
    It seemed more like a emergency injection to me, while Miko sustains teammates over a longer time.
    I´d say: Miko = constant heal over time ; Alani = situational burstheal that can safe your butt.

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…she’s quite OP in her current form. She’s not Galilea level, but she’s outperforming dedicated DPS characters, while healing more than the only other burst-healer in the game.

“OP” means out performing other characters in the same role… which she does… and then she out-performs characters in a separate role… which she does…

So, yeah, she’s OP.

(CL1CKS) #21

I completely disagree. People have not played with or against her enough to make that call. Most people are struggling to take her down because they don’t understand her well enough to counter her. She is not doing more dps than other dps characters unless of course being played by scrub players with scrub gear. When I faced the other Alani I literally couldn’t be touched by her, I destroyed her every time and left with full health every time. This does or make her OP. It means I’m good with her. But if I play as deande then I will suck while other people can lead lobbies with her. It’s too soon to try to call her OP. Especially when I have seen people stay at the bottom of stats with her.