Alani is ALMOST perfect. Great job Dev team. Now change 3 small things

(Chaosthedude) #42

Which helix are you taking level 1?

(CL1CKS) #43

Soothing Mist. I base all my helix possible off Riptide. And choose the option to make it last longer. Also the mutation for damage over time.

(Chaosthedude) #44

Ah, well, Riptide is the better choice for her aoe healing, did anyone else notice she can reduce her cooldowns as well?

(CL1CKS) #45

The attack speed boost is a better option


As many others have said, her damage really is a bit much for a character with excellent CC and very significant team healing. I expect it to be nerfed.

I would love for her to have the option of being more of a full-time healer like Miko. She should of course still heal most efficiently with Osmosis stacks.

The main quality of life/control issue is targeting minions with Wellspring. Gearbox should seriously just give us an option in the menu to totally disable direct healing to minions. It’s very frustrating and never something I actually want to do.

(R Pac1 Rp) #47

Burst counters any non tank charactrr. that isnt a counter.

(CL1CKS) #48

AS I HAVE SAID 15 MILLION TIMES!!! Her damage and CC and healing is all sub par to other characters fully built. Yes you can stare at stats all day of how you got trashed by Alani in numbers but those numbers are warped. I have tested with equally geared and even with Whiskey they were able to out DPS me, Ambra melts me, and Miko can do literally twice as much healing if he is a good player. She is not OP, she is simply not being used or learned well enough by people in order to figure her out yet. The ONLY Helix I have found that might need a nerf is the damage reduction at full osmosis heal. This should be about half as effective as it is. Other than that I CANNOT out DPS my friends I play with who run DPS characters no matter how hard I try. And I am really ■■■■■■■ good with Alani. If you are seeing her numbers out do someone built for DPS then they are doing DPS wrong.


Really? You’re the only one I’ve heard say this. Her Damage is great. Killer AoE and her primary attack is on par with other ranged DPS. She causes several more deaths than appear on the Stats sheet via Geyser. Her healing is maybe less than you’d get from some other healers, but she’s able to essentially bring most characters from near death to topped off with 3 stacks of Osmosis.

In a sense she is much more convenient to heal with than Miko. Miko can’t do anything while beaming teammates, besides cast Biosynthesis. Alani can just go about her business attacking mobs or players and then toss out a very big heal whenever she has 3 stacks. It’s instant cast and doesn’t need to be channeled at all like Miko’s beam.

Maybe you’re not as good as you think? Alani is my main and I crush with her. She’s almost as good as beta-Galilea. I’m almost always #1 in damage done, kills, deaths (and thus K/D), and healing done. She’s also very competitive at killing mobs with her Riptide DoT mutation.

Usually the only character who will die less than me is Marquis and the only time I’m outhealed is by another healer. I’ve played lots of Miko (my main before her) and as good as Miko is, Alani’s clearly better. So yeah. Feel free to disagree, but that’s the truth as I see it.

The only change she really needs in my opinion is lower primary attack damage. Nothing else is particularly problematic.

(CL1CKS) #50

Oh yes I top the charts with damage and kills when I play with random people. But when I play with the people I know they beat me in damage every time. The main reason we do so well in damage is because we do AoE and people can’t seem to learn not to stand in the water. The problem is you could do something very small to her to make make her a bit less stronger and she still be fine. But if you nerf her to the ground she will be useless and a waste of space on the team.

(Xarteros) #51

Don’t think so narrowly buddy

Tap the ability to instantly heal yourself, despite where you’re aiming. Press and hold to actually engage the targeting reticle, release to finish casting

Works on any platform.

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(Xarteros) #52

As a side note, instead of calling for Alani to be nerfed down to the level of others, I’d prefer to call for a bit of the competition to get lifted up instead.

Miko’s heals are great, but his damage output isn’t really that spectacular, especially not in the shadow of Alani’s fairly good damage and powerful CC. Maybe if Biosynthesis got an effect other than pure support it would make Miko a bit more solidly in the “combat” subcategory. I’m not saying he should have insane DPS, but it’s not really fair to say he’s a “combat” character when he can’t deal substantial damage nor absorb substantial damage. I’d say Biosynthesis should add his Molecular Mycology poison DoT to all enemies within range, which would also synergise with his lifesteal helix and make him more survivable in combat.

Reyna’s damage is pretty garbage, which is ok since she’s in the rescuer and shielder subcategory. However, she doesn’t have enough synergy in her kit to really compensate for low damage. Maybe make it so using her Plasma Pulse automatically charges the ally’s shields, without needing to actually be hit (allows her to focus on using Plasma Pulse for damage while Shield Booster is active on an ally). Having to aim at a moving ally with a slow projectile and spend your charges on recharging their shield (or health, with her legendary item) just makes her pretty lackluster as a support.

(Chaosthedude) #53

Main reason Reyna’s dps is crap is cause of her priority target… A fair balance, as her shield booster also eats them, I use her mutation that boosts her pistol damage based on the heat of her glove… And she does her best with help… Backing up anyone else in trouble…

(Xarteros) #54

Yeah, I just mean on a comparative scale. I almost exclusively run support characters, and I’m just comparing my experience. Reyna’s supporting power just doesn’t feel strong enough to compensate her low damage, compared to other support characters

(Derrickbmullen3) #55

People dont look at where her dps comes from…do you know how much dps she gets off of spider sentry. The other large half is dps from wave clear that in the early game just splashes people and even after the damage augment doesnt insta kill minion waves like thorn does. She maintains high dps when she can rotate through her cooldowns efficiently, Its not the only reason or way but like in boss raids in mmos its not neccesarily the strongest skills but skill efficiency, How much how fast howw efficient can you put out skills in turn putting out damage. If I were to nerf her I would reduce the amount of times it can hit the turret and reduce her health slightly…her dps shouldnt be nerfed. As of lately to be honest I havent been having monster games with her, Just good and alright games Id have with other characters like thorn or rath or other solid characters, Shes not broke/Shes not out performing people how people think, she is good across the bored but not great and thats her weakness along with high cooldowns that lead to bad situations in team fights/small skirmishes without easy osmosis stack targets.Also unless youre lowering her price for the players who dont auto unlock her no ones going to buy a nerfed to mediocrity character for that much…

(CL1CKS) #56

Exactly. Those large dps numbers are largely from throwing riptide with damage mutation on thrills and minions. Players only melt if they stand it. Which seems to be the case at the moment. People just stand in it thinking they can run at her. Fact of the matter is Reyna actual often is someone I have to watch out for. Alani has to be dealt with by ranged characters. You will not be able to run up in her face with wrath and win. Because you would have to stand in riptide to fight her. However with no shield a Marquis or Oscar are the bane of my existence. They have easy escape and can hit me with a lot of damage fast. Even if they don’t always get the kill they for sure make me pull back.

(CL1CKS) #57

Last night I played a match and went 18-2. I won 1v3 encounters twice. And got steam messages out the ass asking how I’m doing that. I literally replied, stop standing in my water when you fight me. It’s that ■■■■■■■ simple. I purposely go after melee characters because I’m strong against them. But avoid ranged. Especially Oroni or however you spell her. Her back jump makes it really hard to get my riptide on her and her movement speed makes geyser pointless on her. If I see a skilled thorn player, 8 run like she is the plague because I will not win that 8/10 times.

(Derrickbmullen3) #58

seriously though…I really hope the people in charge actually read these well thought out posts and check with it to see if its correct instead of everyone crying for a nerf instead of playing smarter . Ive gotten so many kills off people who think they can just mash into me with total abandon ignoring the fact I have a knock up Im setting underneath us a wave u will still fight me in as it sustains me and damages you then throw your hands up and say omg so op plz nerf…No…No thats wrong. You played bad because you go oh shes a healer it says on the description…No…Shes not miko who everyone is comparing her to along with reyna because thats all there is…Shes her own character and she is very balanced…She rewards good cc placement that takes forever to pop and punishes bad players or people who are new and reckless play.

(Derrickbmullen3) #59

Shes awful against slows especially aoe slows and yeah shes good against melee characters as a rule of thumb, But even melee characters can fight her reasonably and not just die if they have the sense of mind to avoid the cc that is definitely coming as soon as you make contact with alani and not stand inside of the water hitting you repeatedly throughout the fight and even if she out fights you you can run because we both know she probably popped her wave when the fight initiated even assuming she has cooldown red on hit youve got 10 sec+ before another comes out. Orendi is a pain in the ass for everyone…being able to shoot out 6-700 damage off a skill and 1k plus off ult is ridiculous against every character along with her speed and escape ability that knocks backraths using ults and all other melee…Orendi is so under the radar ignored it upsets me no one says orendi needs a nerf when if she wants she can heal off what…15% of all dmg fast normal attack speed with a homing shot if wanted.