Alani is clearly OP

I have to admit, when she first came out I didn’t think she was OP. After seeing her in action longer it’s clear she’s out of balance. She does entirely too much damage and has too much sustain. A teammate of mine played as her and never had to teleport back to base even once. GBX simply sucks at making supports when it comes to this game. I understand you want them to be fun to play but there’s no reason they need self-heals and massive attack damage. Supports aren’t supposed to get a lot of kills, they’re supposed to get a lot of assists.

Miko needs some kind of heal nerf and Alani needs her attack damage scaled down to the level of an actual support. She should probably lose the self-heal to boot but lowering her attack damage should do enough. Regardless, there’s too many matches where Alani has the lowest deaths, highest kills, and highest amount of minion kills plus highest damage dealt. She’s broken.

Self heal is a standard for Eldrid. I see your point on the other things, but let’s throw this out there. She can barely heal anything even herself without osmosis, so she really has nothing on Miko or even Ambra, and she’s fairly weak in the beginning until she has it as well. I’ve played as her and done horribly in some matches and well in others, and I’ve seen mostly the same with other players. I think what you’re seeing is just people who have learned how to play her well, also her geyser and ultimate are fairly easy to avoid. She might need a nerf, but maybe just to tone down the damage increase once she has full osmosis.

Devs are already looking into her balancing. Use the search function and you’ll find open threads about this you can add your thoughts to, instead of starting new threads :acmaffirmative:

only issue I see right now is total HP… she can take a beating and easily survive most 1v1 situations and if played right, 1v2 or even 1v3 depending on the opponents. She should be more squishy imo. She has excellent range on skills so having lower HP would push her a little further out of danger I think and a little more inline with a support role. Damage wise, eh I think it is fine… I mean a Kleese can still do just as much or more damage with better push so… ya

I think there might already be some threads on this topic. Please check before starting a new thread. Continue the discussion here, thanks.