Alani is now trash

  1. I don’t think I’ve seen more than a couple people argue Melka was perfect. I have serious doubts about those but that isn’t the point

  2. Opinions are argued about regularly. If not how would persuasion or correction ever happen?

  3. Seriously depends on the doctor!

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…I wish they’d take that back so PvP players quit throwing it in our face.

  1. Irrelevant.

  2. Persuasion and discussion are fine, just don’t push opinions as fact.

  3. Very true:


I wish they would take it back so it couldn’t be used in a discussion about balance

I get use out of it since it allows me to stay further away. I find it especially useful on the thrall ops, in fact, against the elite bots and during Aria’s battle. It’s not as powerful as it could be, but I don’t think it’s as bad as many people consider it to be (similar to how I really like Whitewater rather than GwtF; in PvE, I actually find Whitewater to be the better for boss killing because Wave Shock’s damage doesn’t scale).

  1. You yourself used it as an argument therfore you made it relevant. Works in court also.

  2. “She’s literally perfectly balanced right now” this is pushing your opinion as fact also.

  3. Lol

The difference isn’t that great at all. I’ve used it many times. The difference between with or without it isn’t large enough to make it more useful for than like kinetic diffusion. There will still be plenty out of range but at least if I take the other option I can dance around them easier. If it had more range it would be an actual strong contender to be chosen but it isnt.

  1. What are you talking about? I think you misconstrued my “irrelevant” for something other than what i was impying: people are entitled to their opinions.

  2. You are correct, but i corrected mine to say “in my opinion”, which you answered with “she’s still not perfectly balanced”. Everyone knows that you need to tack on “in my opinion”, or arguments get out of hand, like a numbered list of irrelevant back and forth responses :smirk:

  3. I formally move that we exclude #3, as that one appears to be settled. I also think this discussion is getting off-topic, and won’t be contributing to it again, so you can do what you want with #3; that was just my opinion. Here is my official “resignation”:



Nope, medical is only good for Motrin and pissing me off

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My opinion: my team often takes Alani for her ability to push and CC safely. Being able to burst heal from safety is a valuable tool, something only reyna can do, but reyna suffers heavily on the DPS and general utility front and still heals less. DJe, our support, easily drops 1100ish on an ally in three seconds or so (3 stacks, attack sequence, reheal) and can help waveclear with Waveshock / Emergence while I’m busy killing enemies.

She’s very viable, but the current preeminence of Beatrix is hurting burst healers in general. Once she settles down and gets a hotfix or two things will be fine again.


It’s the [opponent colored] broken/cracked plus health symbol, where healing is the solid [friendly colored] plus health symbol. :slight_smile: Since I’ve been playing whiskey a lot in incursion, ive gotten pretty good at picking out what i hit with my scrap cannon for that bonus damage after lvl 2 :slight_smile:

He met like when you are wounded yourself, there is no indication

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This. It’s pretty obvious when I’m trying to heal someone else that’s been wounded; I’ve got no clue if I have been wounded.

should be at the bottom of the screen, like slows and weaken, etc. ill have to double check. kit, you want to jump in a test match with me real quick?

Just did a match with Kitru, there is no feedback to the player that they are wounded, unlike silence, stun, weaken, etc.

@Jythri was this intended, overlooked, or perhaps glitched? I think it’s important for a player to know they are wounded- it could be the difference in decision between fight or flight :slight_smile:

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Especially with all the wound that’s going on, that would be great if it had some type of animation.

@Avelier this isn’t much but I made a basic Alani vid during a bot battle match because I was just laying around in the lobby before the update. You can check it out if you want… maybe find something useful?

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