Alani is pay to win. this game has gone to **** since she has come

just too much man come on seriously .

everyone else is fine imo but her.

too much.

top 3 damage

top healer
best cc in game
beast teamwork skills in game
skinny, hard to hit, agile, high health pool, good hp regen, she has literally everything.

im kinda upset man i didnt know this game was gonna be one of those ones where u gotta pay real money to win.

i already paid 60 man.

now i gotta pay 20 more dollars just to be forced to play the op characters to stand a chance?

please do the right thing and either make all characters free or make themequal

The new characters are free just people some people got her a week early, just a week

Where are you getting your facts? The character is free bro.

Not to mention a Dev already stated Alani is getting nerfed.

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Unless I’m horribly mistaken;

Alani will be available for everyone starting the 31st those who purchased a season pass or a digital deluxe get an extra benefit (something which is not uncommon in games).

I’d understand your frustrations if any of the above were the case, but it isn’t. Also, Alani is a new release and hasn’t been user tested for a long enough period of time. Even in some circumstance where Alani was a pay to play character (which again she isn’t), I can almost assure you that her stats and abilities will be altered over time