Alani is terrible now what have you done to her?!?!?!?!?

I just played Alani first time in a few months and all I gotta say ill never play her again. Her geyser is trash now a 2 second delay before it happens and the geyser is so small now compared when she first came out and now she has no bubble it does a ■■■■ knock up that knocks someone away. Her attack speed is pretty slow I don’t see anyone playing her not even as a support.

Alani was rediculously overpowered on release. Even with a slew of nerfs, games like this are still fairly ordinary:

She’s fine where she’s at, she was never supposed to be as strong as she was initially. If you don’t like her, don’t play her. I’ve seen plenty of people do just fine with her since her nerf, she just has a higher skill cap now in my opinion

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She just feels so slow and weak and not having a bubble on her geyser was a bad move and adding a 2 second delaying was a terrible choice yeah ill never touch her again sadly.

She does still have the bubble though. I mean it’s not really a point for dispute, the bubble still exists. The delay was always there. As I recall, they never even touched the delay. They actually made her faster two patches ago, as I recall. And her attack damage is about the same as it was on release.

No there is no bubble I was playing her and I used it. It didn’t put anyone who got knocked up from the geyser into a bubble it just hit them up to the left or right. It didn’t used to be 2 second delay maybe 1 second but owell I guess rip Alani. She feels way to sluggish now her current state doesn’t feel good at all wish they stopped listening to all the people who constantly complained about the op characters maybe more people would have stayed.

She was released as a combat/support hybrid. People cried and she got nerfed heavily on the combat side while also reducing her health by more than a third.

She was then turned into more of a healer focus. People cried because her osmosis was “too easy” to get so they reduced torrent distance and some osmosis generation increase options in her helix pushing her more to a CC focus.

As a cc focus people cried about both of her abilities so they reduced damage output of both and removed helix options for damage amplifications. They then proceeded to reduce geyser in ever manner (catch radius, bind time, damage) and give it a bright red ring around its casting area making it pretty much useless as a CC tool (as noted by the fact that you yourself are now using it as a heal as opposed to cc).

They then re-increased her torrent damage while keeping the distance nerf and increasing her movement speed turning her into…???

Honestly I hate what they’ve done to her

I personally love the place she’s in right now. Incredible burst healer with crazy waveclear ability. Fills both the healer and waveclear roles very well.


There’s no way she was balanced back then. Being able to play every role in the game is ridiculous. Her damage was greater than some attackers, her 2 second bubble was a death sentence when used with a decent team, she could dive people down and heal herself right back up no problem. Now her healing, she’s supposed to be a rescuer/burst healer. She does that now with no problems. She cannot be expected to pocket someone like Miko can

By burst healer do you mean “hope there isn’t more than one person or yourself that nears a heal” then yes that one second after she has built full osmosis yeah. The entire rest of the time she is just "meh"
Her entire lvl 2 helix is almost useless in pvp and IS completely useless in pve. The whole controller aspect has been nerfed in the ground. The only good wave clear she has is her ultimate.

She still performs well in the right hands. For the amount of nerfs she went through, she is still holding up well. I’ve been trapped and killed about two times tonight during the few games I’ve played. I’ve seen multiple people trapped at once also. Her trap is still very useful. Her heals are still very useful. Her damage is decent, but she is a support after all.

Overall, she’s fine just now. I don’t see her needing any further nerfs.

People got trapped in a tiny radius with a big red indicator after a delay? Wow I don’t think that speaks for the ability so much as the players that got trapped. Not that it really matters as it’s just a 1 sec bind now and no damage amp
No by no means does she needs any more nerfs as she doesn’t shine at anything now

In a hectic battlefield, down a narrow lane. It becomes very possible for multiple people to get trapped. You can’t expect everyone to be completely aware and open in every situation. A smart Alani can use hectic situations to her advantage.

She shines at quick, large bursts of healing. Not only for other but also for herself, even though it is further limited for her. She has much more survivability than other supports. She has a pushback that can shake melee enemies off her. She stands out very well from other supports.


Lmao so you have a skill that you can only use if you can find an enemy completely occupied with something else and zero awareness or sight of the big red indicator. Oh well I take it all back that Is the best skill ever! I mean that one whole second there bound the entire team has time to react <- sarcasm

I don’t really understand where you’re coming from. She does much more than just temporarily trapping an enemy. Regardless of the situation, she is a controller. She traps and knocks back. Are you expecting these abilities to be more powerful? I’m assuming you’re just mocking the ability for only lasting for such a short duration, and anyone that gets trapped by it is an idiot. Before they nerfed it. You couldn’t see the red indicator, it trapped for longer and you could easily kill anyone trapped in it. It was basically a guaranteed kill on most targets. It WAS unfair, and for a single ability to do that, it was odd. People complained and it was nerfed. simple.

Didn’t come here to argue, that’s just my opinion on the matter.


Not arguing that it was nerfed in general just to the extent that it was taken to. Also because it doesn’t bind ai both choices at level 2 are completely useless in pve. That’s not considering that minions are the focus of most pvp modes (especially now). And that’s just guyser

I agree about geyser not affecting AI. Outside of PVP, that skill doesn’t have much use other than a burst heal. I use the burst heal option during PVP also, the riptide heal over time just doesn’t do it for me. Only use geyser has for AI is temporarily stopping them in their tracks, so it could disrupt an enemy wave. Only slightly though, it’s ultimately a disruption move.

Geyser is just as easy to land as Shadowfire Pillar is. Both require positioning, skill, and a bit of mind games. And while the bind isn’t enough to secure a kill solo (and it never should be), it is more than enough to secure a kill if you are on a competent and attentive team that then chains a pull or stun with it.

Riptide I do believe does what 33 damage in pvp and 40 in pve at level one with a slight knockback for a 15 sec cooldown and roughly 100 at level 10 so still less than say a melee hit. Wet blanket is more of a light slow if you wanted to go the controller path while wave shock had its damage reduced to 54 and does not scale with level. She has to use her ultimate to give her wave clear

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I always choose the extra damage over time for riptide and increase its duration. I also take the helix that builds stacks while inside riptide. It usually works pretty well for me and helps stack the damage. The damage is nowhere near big, but stack it with other damage sources, and it works pretty well.