Alani is terrible now what have you done to her?!?!?!?!?

(Keadron) #21

You mean aside from the option to increase damage, add damage before the actual pillar even hits, or the many ways to reduce the cooldown till multiple pillars can be used… yup those two skills are just alike


(beta382) #22

Your argument was on landing the skill, not on what it did. Orendi’s character completely centers around Pillar (and later her ult), whereas Geyser is just one of many utilities available to Alani. You are the one attempting to compare the utilities of the skills, not me.

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(Keadron) #23

Yes you can add some damage but like you said you have to stack it with other sources especially she is rather weak in the damage department against anything moving


(beta382) #24

I’m just going to reply with this again. Does it look like she is weak in the damage department? My team was filled with good players, as was the other team.


(Keadron) #25

I didn’t bring Orendi or her pillar into the conversation that was you. If you are going to compare the ability to land the skill why would you not also compare the Helix? Does pillar have a completely useless helix In a game mode? And when discussing the ability to land the skill pointing out the frequency in can be used is rather on point


(Keadron) #26

Ok so basically you had an Alani who was out healed by Reyna and stayed in lane using her ult on mindless minions and buying turrets… I kinda fail to see what you are attempting to point out here as that doesn’t differentiate the damage from sources only that you were responsible same as kills and assists you can get from turrets


(Ambra's Arbiter) #27

Her Geyser still bubbles people. It does not bubble minions and the like, same as it used to. She’s pretty common and uses in tourney matches as well. She is not bad, but is compared to the Alani you knew

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(Ambra's Arbiter) #28

As said, the delay was always there. Her movement speed was buffed


(Ambra's Arbiter) #29

Almost every other skill has a ring. Why didn’t hers? It made little sense, and it made.knowing where you could stand incredibly difficult. Additionally, Orendi has a ring around her aoe. Ever been hit by a Shadowfire Pillar, which has a similar size and delay?


(Keadron) #30

She’s used in tournaments for her ability to drop the 1k heal with a low skill floor after building stacks. That is the main draw she has. However she is out healed by Ambra Miko and Reyna (a good Reyna that is). Miko is also banned often for its pocket healing depending on teams. So Ambra is naturally taken because she’s versatile that only leaves two choices… with a much larger skill difference


(Ambra's Arbiter) #31

Because you specifically implied the enemies has to be inferiorly skilled to get hit by Geyser. Cooldown means nothing, damage means nothing, you implied it’s quite easy to avoid. Shadowfire Pillar, almist identical in size and delay, is what they are comparing it to. Do you consider it easy to avoid Pillars?

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(Ambra's Arbiter) #32

Correct. What other character can easily drop 1K burst heals and has at the very least existent wave clear?

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(Keadron) #33

Delay sure size no. Ever dodged several pillars as the cooldown can be lowered tremendously sure ever dodged multiple guyser with one Alani nope


(beta382) #34

Turrets don’t count towards your damage (and anyways, this was Monuments, which has no lane turrets). Of course you’re going to get out-healed by Reyna, since Reyna gets doubled healing statistics (one for her target, one for herself).


(Keadron) #35

Yes but that is the point it isn’t constant and is often out healed by the other supports. Reyna isn’t a slouch in damage and obviously Ambra


(Ambra's Arbiter) #36

A. Yes I have dodged multiple pillars. As an Orendi main I can tell where they’re gonna be thrown down.
B. If she could only land pillars while throwing multiple, then she’d never get a kill or assist with a pillar before level 4. This is not true

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(Keadron) #37

The point wasn’t if she could kill with them. The point was if you’re goin to compare the ability to hit with two skills you have to factor in cooldown and the choices that can reduce it


(PSN:Santbech_2038) #38

I main all healers, i used to hate alani but now i know how to use her and i can out heal reyna.

1 riptide is an amazing skill to save ppl and disrupt. If rath dived i can wellspring and riptide to get him out. If a ranged character is targeting i can disorientate their aim long enough to make them fail a crit or a skill.

2 geyser can be used to self heal and other 4 ppl, i use it like i wanted to bubble my team. I can use it to get out of ult, Galilea, galth, rath, isic, attikus, giggles deande, toby and sometimes shane.

3 with the right gear 0stack wellspring can heal 108, you dont need full stacks to heal assasins, even tho is not full hp, with atleast 60% they can stay in lane without being 1-hko. I only fullstack for tanks

Minions, sentry, thralls, bubleshield are easy stacks, i prefer heal power,skill dmg and attack speed or shield.

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(Ambra's Arbiter) #39

If she could only land pillars while throwing multiple, then she’d never get a kill or assist with a pillar before level 4.

My point was never that she could kill with them. My point was that if she needed insane cooldown to land one, she’d never land one on an enemy Battleborn before level 4. Obviously, people get assists and kills with her Pillars before then, so they are at least somewhat difficult to avoid for the average player. Because this is before level 4, cooldown is not a factor. Only size and delay. Of which they are similar, and by the transitive property, I say that her Geyser is at least somewhat difficult to avoid for the average player


(PSN:Santbech_2038) #40

Miko is amazing doing slow push. Heal everyone while slowly moving. He cant attack unless the team can stay alive, with a bad tank them? Are usless.

Reyna is amazing boosting team members dmg and survavility. She cant heal untill lvl 4 only has 1 way to heal unless you have her legendary or lvl 10 mutation.

Ambra is a versátil character, if she get focused and her sunspot she cant get out untill lvl 7. Her bane are ranged héroes, she has a short range and cant heal without sunspot.

Alani can constantly push and disrupt while healing. If you cant land a hit you cant heal, she is rly squishy vs Ernest and benedict.

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