Alani is terrible now what have you done to her?!?!?!?!?

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Ok I’ve already pointed out why I don’t like how she is now. If you like her great that’s your opinion I don’t that’s my opinion. I love the character and she was the whole reason I bought the season pass, however I just don’t like playing her anymore as I feel she was over nerfed. So I will get what I can out of the dlc and move on to other games

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Then why make all this fuzz? Instead of adapt to a new situation you are only crying.

Im sry you dont like her anymore but she is still an amazing badass.

Hi im from the ocean!

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One I didn’t start this thread and two I didn’t fuss I gave examples… If I was fussing I would have been banned as I tend to make a sailor blush with my language if I’m upset.
Also how am I crying by stating I think she was over nerfed? By moving on to other games that I still enjoy?

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Sry you are right, i apologize.

(Skeksis Syl) #45

Alani is fine. Just make her level 2 helix better. She is still awesome and fun to play

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I agree well not the season pass I already had the deluxe edition but yeah she was over nerfed to the ground. They didn’t need to change geyser at all maybe you know nerf the damage some number nerfs not change how it worked.

(Jabrielthomas) #47

She’s been like that for a while. She isn’t trash, she’s just not OP anymore. She’s balance.


Lol. Dude what

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Keeping in mind I like Alani, i don’t think she is quite where she needs to be. her healing is piddly by lvl 2, alright at 3, and great at 10 (if you choose right side at 10 and 7). yes, she can save someone in a 1v1, but in team fights she usually can’t keep up. geyser having something like a 25 second cooldown for essentially a 1 second stun is terrible. you can’t argue this. by the time 2-3 hits have reached the person in the bubble, they’ve already been let go. even miko has an easier to hit, 2 second stun.

Comparing to orendi is also a bad way to go about it. IIRC, geyser has 2 second wait time, SFP has 1.5. small difference, but important. also, SFP is BUILT to have really short cooldown with all the reductions. Not even mentioning orendi can throw out 4 to alani’s 1, and due to reductions, orendi can toss out a total of 8-12 before alani can use her second geyser. this is with geyser doing garbage damage and a negligible stun, while orendi is throwing around 300+ damage a pillar. orendi’s pillar radius is also something that needs fixed. I’ll constantly be jumping back away from the pillar and by the time it comes down ill be a about a width and a half (using the circle and skill image as a basis) away from it and still take a couple hundred damage.

Now all of that said, Alani does have stupid lane presence once she hits level 7 (and really not until then) where she can consistently cycle through her abilities like nobodies business (this is also where most of her damage comes from) and can be pretty hard to kill what with her small frame, a slight push on riptide and throwing geyser in front of you preventing people from following as you run away. At level 10 you almost CAN’T die with the right helix with your ult on a Kid Ultra cooldown (30 seconds) and healing 150 hps while you still have riptide and osmosis. Think of Mellka’s level 8 and double that, and you have Alani’s level 7. Until then though, she falls into the “decent” catagory.

(alekie1990) #50

Hmmm i feel alani have suffered way to much compare to the other healers, here burst heal is nice… but that all she is used for now

Alani as a controller is pretty weak, because her geyser got heavily nerf that it is used for a heal now, and her riptide is used mainly for offensive purpose be it a slow or dealing damage, which makes these helix useless

-soothing mist
-water proof

  • ride the way (nice for capture)

And now that players are using geyser for healing it makes all these helix pointless

-surface tension
-pressure gradiant

  • channeling
  • pressure valve

Alani have gone through too many nerfs and now suffers for it you may want to ask yourself this question what role is alani suppose to fill now


  • great single burst heal
  • long range slow
  • tiny knock back (really small)
    -trap players (if they stand still long enough)


  • cannot multi heal
  • slow in movement
  • need maximum osmosis to heal effectively
  • torrents have slow projectile speed
    -geyser is small radius

There is no reason to pick alani in pvp when ambra sunspots can do the same job and can provide damage buff… damage reduction… or increase movement speed just by touching her sunspot and it also deals more damage then alani riptide and is consistant if you pick “stellar ritual”

I love alani i really do and i hope they steer her toward the controller path and disruptor i would be fine if they removed her heal entirely and do somethink awsome to replace it like maybe add ice features to her which her osmosis stacks is her temperature which changes her skills based upon her temperature levels…but thats me

(Dwarfurious) #51

Boldur is also useless now, i feel your hurt :frowning:

(Ambra's Arbiter) #52

Contradictory much?

Between the buff and the level 3 helix I don’t see this as a problem

Luckily they’re hilariously easy to get.

Do you have secret mutations!?!

Do you really love her that much if you want to strip one of if not the MOST core of her elements?

My Internet sarcasm detector is broken. Do you actually feel this way?

(Dwarfurious) #53

Gali and Boldur, both useless! Especially now that Alani cant heal them! :frowning:

(Ambra's Arbiter) #54

Whoo, I thought you had been really drunk or something

(alekie1990) #55

Guess you didnt know about the 5 legendaries that scales far to good with ambra sunspots…

-pacifier (reduce damage for enemies)
-solar sustainer (damage increase)
-mossire mukluks (movement speed)

  • bolas target finder (damage increase)
  • mini singuality launcher (slow)

These are permenant buffs/debuffs you get just for using sunspots and keeping them up meaning you have massive uptime

I wish legendaries was removed from pvp entirely because it promotes bad play or retarded stacks which can turn the tide of the game entirely

Yes legendaries are easy to get…however in pvp its more about the objective rather then spending a heap ton of shards to gain a big advantage…

Examples are… look how many legendaries got nerfed for the sake of pvp… vigilance link…chrono key…symbotic spores…etc

But as you said strip the MOST core or her element which is the burst heal…right there u pointed directly at her only use within the game…and thats her burst heal…take away that and alani is pretty much very very weak without that burst heal

I want developers to test her out but block of her burst heal and see how well alani performs as a healer with just her skill set only…i garentee you the numbers will be extreamly low compare to all the other healers

Unlike reyna,ambra,miko,kid ultra… alani healing is heavily relied upon positioning …if it wasnt for her burst heal on well spring…she would have been the worst healer her problems are these

Riptide u need to stand in it for the full duration for it to heal effectively

Geyser require the player to stand within reach of it to recieve any healing at all

And this is the problem with alani… both her riptide and geyser can be used for healing which punish alani more then it is worth…and is players required to stand in it to recieve the heal which often you waste your skills for healing when you could be throwing them out to control enemies instead …

Alani need both her riptide and geyser reworked to focus only on control…keep osmosis for healing or change it to turn her into a full controller instead

Alani design is awsome… but she suffers a lot in performance…yes she deals high damage when taking wave shock and landing criticals 208 per crit…but without her burst heal…her kit is very very weak

But like i said test her out without using wellspring…waveshock…cooldown reduction on landing torrent… and have 0 attack speed on her…and watch how horrible she is to play afterwards and to even heal anyone at all you will find much more frustration then anything

I love alani a whole lot and she is my most played character but the nerfs way too much

They nerf her geyser to the ground…but yet never touch boulder, galiea, montana, kevin stuns which last way longer then geyser ever did

They nerf riptide so she cannot wave clear…but drastically buffed minions and sheppards

Then they nerf her health…which is now lower then miko…they buff kleese health also miko is super fast

Alani wasnt even overpowered at release …people had problems as there was no way to see her geyser upon the floor as there is no danger zone marked upon it

People complained about not be able to kill her whilst trying to face tank her which just helps her own healing…yet wounding was released and now alani suffer even more against certain characters with this debuff as it reduce her self heal a LARGE amount

But nah people over look all these factors

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(Can't stand ya) #56

Top in every stat every game says otherwise.

(alekie1990) #57

Hmmmm show me all these stat charts of her dominating every game

If your talking about the single lane like incursion where both allies and enemy minions are…yes her healing and damage spike massively…but it was all trash damage and healing towards minions…and not players

I mean cmon her riptide gives 51 heal for 3 sec duration…and also deals 81 damage per sec for 3 sec…which when she reach higher level the duration was increased to 9 seconds in total for both damage and healing…which is not a lot of damage or healing upon a single target

However when you have a bunch of ally minions and enemy minions clump together…that turns into a lot pf wasted damsge and healing used upon minions only

I mean cmon…throw kleese on renegade or orendi…oscer mike…thorn…phoebe and watch them sky rocket to 3mil damage just by farming waves of minions even miko level 10 helix can decemate healing and damage charts as it scales of skil damage an heal power… throw it in a safe location and watch his damage and healing skyrocket to asurd numbers

AoE trash damage is not hard to pull off…neither is AoE trash healing either…ambra can decemate any chart with correct helix options…take skill damage and heal power and bam…infinite damage and healing sunspot

But as you can see players judge a character based upon numbers they see at the end and screams OP without even looking if it was trash healing made towards minions or trash damagr made towards minions too…which in reality is not effective at all when you want to save a player from death… no riptide or geyser can save a person from dying or even heal up allies enough to keep them fighting

I garentee you play incursion or meltdown and only use alani as the only healer upon your team… and watch how many times players dies…have to teleport out to recover or consently need to go back and forth to a health station

If alani was sooo balanced and do not need any buffs… she should be able to keep players healthy all on her own

I have seen players within the game sigh when someone picks alani…and garentee you they pick ambra or kid ultra or reyna to back up her weakness

Alani weakness is that her roles conflict with each other …she cannot control…and heal at the same time…your stuck doing one or the other…which is the problem with her kit currently

If it wasnt for her lovely burst heal…she wouldnt be picked at all…because geyser and riptide are very conflicting skills within the game and this is because of the helix based around upon them and how these skills work

For example

  • can heal per sec
  • can slow
  • got knock back
  • can deal damage per sec


  • can heal
  • got knock up
  • can deal damage

-can slow
-can heal
-can reset cooldown
-got damage per sec

See you can see they conflict as you have to choose to use them defensively or offensively which puts alani at a frustrating hell when you make the wrong decision…and this is what makes her conflicting her whole role is conflicting against her design

Now if they turned geyser into a more heal focus…and riptide into a more control focus …rather then give them everything then she would be in a more stable state

But currently because her burst heal is strong she is OVERLOOKED by all the weaknesses she actually have within her skill set

(PSN: Hellyeah935 ) #58

I’m sorry but you cannot justify whatsoever the absolute broken mess Alani was at release.

(Dwarfurious) #59

To be fair, if you were really REALLY REALLLLLLLYYYYYY awful at the game and ESPECIALLY bad at playing Alani, then you could totally think that Alani must be really weak when you lose every game and every other character stomps you.

(beta382) #60

Alani is a consistent ban or early pick in every single drafted game we play. She is currently in A tier according to frequency and priority metrics, above all other characters capable of healing, and the only character picked/banned more often than her is Benedict. I’m not entirely sure what more I need to say. This isn’t even a topic for debate. Among us, she is unanimously the best and most versatile healer the game has to offer, with great tank sustain, incredible waveclear, and great self-sustain. She frequently tops the damage charts, and out-heals everyone but Miko while doing so.