Alani is terrible now what have you done to her?!?!?!?!?

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Isn’t that the reason Benedict is in the mess he’s in right now?


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I do this frequently and can keep my frontliners alive and at full health easily with a combination of wellspring and geyser healing.

When Alani came out she was topping kills, assists, damage, healing with least deaths. The devs track performance based on stats like these and nerfed her accordingly. She now plays her role extremely well as a burst healing support, not a damage dealing assassin with heals on top.


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Hmmm u mean she banned for her burst heal only…

List me the entire reason why people ban her tornaments …if you list her burst heal is too strong… instantly points out that she only good because of that


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She was topping kills because she often stole kills because people ran into her riptide and got killed by it

Iv killed people my accident because they ran through my riptide …i got worthy of a song because of accidental deaths with alani

Like i said alani is good as dealing trash damage and healing… and got 1 single burst heal every 6-9 seconds …and thats it

This is what i dont understand… people claim alani was op… alani needed nerfs… alani is banned in tornaments

Yet no one can back up this information with maths to why she was even op in the first place

They look at her overall damage and healing and player kills and assists and demands nerfs…nerfs…

Yet i dont see people complaining about kid ultra with his… high splash damage…massive damage on bolas…etc…which is odd as hell

Kid ultra is even more OP then alani minus he doesnt have a burst heal

Kinda strange that aint it…kid ultra have more health and a shield… can increase life and damage and gives a heal over time on players which does not need to be in sight

His bolas do more damage then alani wave shock… can slow everything it hits…also his rockets deal way way more damage then alani

So explain to me why kid ultra is fine…but alani was op?

Until then i find this all to be a pointless discussion and players are far to quick to point fingers and demand nerfs base upon what they see with there eyes from an overall data by a scoreboard

And that developers are far to quick at listening to cries of the community and overly nerf X character because the community demanding nerfs

I want the developers to post an actual healing and damage chart of all the support characters against single target and against multiple and come back with the final results

I garentee you the list would be like this

Single target healing
-kid ultra

AoE healing
-kid ultra

  • kleese
  • reyna

Single target damage
-kid ultra

-kid ultra

Trash damage and healing
-kid ultra

This is base upon my views and by playing every support to master rank and testing different gear set ups and what not

Until i see solid facts where each character is with healing and damage base on facts on how the character is used…you be very suprised where alani is really compare to other healers

But we dont have a test dummies in game to even test these out…

Developers should have 2 tests

1 with a single target for healing and damage then a second test with 5 targets instead … and you will see the dramatic differences with healing and dmage for all the supports


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When Alani was at her strongest she managed to 100-0 me in the duration of a single bubble while I was playing Rath. We were both level ten, I was at full health. There is nothing else to be said. [quote=“alekie1990, post:64, topic:1548383”]
.i got worthy of a song because of accidental deaths with alani

So not even trying to get kills and you got worthy of song? How is that balanced? Your logic is so flawed.

No one thinks Kid Ultra is fine. Do you even read these forums?


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Thats ■■■■■■■■ right there…alani crit on torret is 208 and it takes 1 sec to fire 2-3 off

And when your in the bubble your critical spot is arc forward and bow down

You died not because of alani killing you…you died because the whole team focus fire upon you which got you killed

When alani first come out she did not 100%-0% within a single geyser even i know this is a total lie …and how do i know this…iv been trapped as phoebe and come out of the bubble with around 35%-40% hp left and this is from 100% and this is with alani full focus fire upon me

This what annoys me with people they make up soo much rumors about how they die when if u actually did the math alani physically cannot 100% - 0% within 1 second of a geyser

If you died within a geyser its because of these factors

-you got caught when you was at 70% hp or lower and alani finished you off

-you got caught and alani and another of her team focus fired you down resulting you to die

Iv seen this a lot and heard it a lot too…one time i had a guy scream because he died in a geyser saying alani killed him from full hp… and the rest of us laughed at him and told him he was also being shot to death by montana and oscer mike and that is wasnt just alani that killed him…then he got trapped again and montana lumberjacked him out of the bubble and kill3d him again…and he litterally rage quited the game and said alani was op

When it was oscermike and montana that killed him…all alani did was set up for there kill


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Why is my logic flawwed?

That be like having ernest getting kills with his mine field ultimate by accident…

There is a lot of accidentle deaths within the game

I got a few by thorn too as her volly arrow rebounds of walls …even as kleese with his mortars … and best one is… kills with mellka because of poison explosion because a minion died to my poison which cause it to explode which have accidently killed low health players trying to flee

There is a huge list of skills

Also its not hard to get worthy of a song…i got it for my sistern on her ps4 on her account by using shanye and aurox on capture and this was before the massive buffs to shayne and aurox

You can get it with

Phoebe…rath…benedict…montana…galiea…kleese these are the most easiest characters to get this title


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I was caught by her and no one else damaged me. She was running three epic gears that gave attack damage plus attack speed, Crit damage plus attack speed, and attack speed plus crit damage. With how easy it was to bubble people it was just a matter of learning how to aim at the crit spot. She was grossly broken at her release and the fact that people can still do amazing with her is proof enough for me that she is balanced.

You don’t get worthy of song by accident with a balanced character, especially a medic. That is the flaw behind your logic.


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No dude, apart from the remaining plethora of factors that made her OP at release, it was the fact that her geyser had a rather large radius, could hold someone for 2 seconds overall, had a 30% damage increase to anyone caught by level two, and placed people high up in the air screaming to be shot. That in and of itself was ridiculous. It was instant death no matter what if you were caught in lane by that. You’d be dead before you were put back down from the geyser. Oh and Alani could 100-0 certain characters with her geyser. Ever heard of crits?


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Hmm now i know your definately lying

Because we could not view gears until recently… so nice try and alani was nerfed way before we was able to view what people had for gears


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Yes we could. You just look at the score board and you can see the type, rarity and faction of the gear people are running. It’s just a matter of knowing which type gets which secondary effect from the faction. In this case it was all Jennerit gear.


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You could always view gear while in a match…

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No go look at your post you litterally stated what type of gear alani had upon her

Before it only shown the icons…it did not allow you to view the gear until recent patch notes

Hence why i know your making up such a bad rumor


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The man literally just told you how he knew what type of gear it was.


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I only needed to see the icons to know what type, rarity and faction it was. From there it’s just a matter of knowing how to identify them.

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Sigh i give up with all this pointless discussion

When i see in a few months down the line that people wonder why no one is playing alani

I be like ohhh i thought u all said she was balance and i would rub it all in ya faces and be like i told u so

But im pass caring now because iv already seen multiple of lies made within this topic of claims towards alani

But i dont care anymore and is litterally staying away from the forums

So i request a moderator to permantely ban me from the forums plz so i cannot ever comment on here ever again


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It’s widely agreed that Alani is balanced throughout the community. Make a better argument next time.


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So when people provide solid counter arguments against your post it means that everyone is lying?


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Solid counter … im still waiting for this counter to come out

I mean what u complained about ur death… which u will never remember how or what happen on that day anyway

Also i see no numbers or anythink backing up these claims

All i see is a bunch of people pointing fingers and making claims

But you know what… im going to test out all the supports in the game just to prove to ya all that your all insanely wrong about the current alani and that she was nerf far to much and is in a bad spot

But until then im not arguing anymore with people thst are doing blind claims not evidence or even screen shots etc

I mean what a week ago i pulled off 120k healing as ambra on heliophage advance…should of taken a screen shot but that day is gone

And as alani i never get pass 50k and this is with me full healing mode

But say what you like because im litterslly loggin out to sleep and is pass caring about this entire topic… to me alani have issues and is overally nerf in the current game due to other factors thsat was added to the game

Which you people have completely overlooked and is far to focus how strong alani use to be before she was mega nerfed

And it annoys me when players use the …but her burst heal is strong…then im like ok what else is strong about her… then i have to wait for the yo physically think of somethink else what makes her even remotely powerful

Alani without her burst heal… is extreamly weak…and i will keep repeating this over and over again

Alani heals for 50% less upon herself. and wound… thats even more reduce healing

But im not bothering pointing out all the reasons why alani needs rework and needs buffs to help her out in the current game…


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How are you going to run tests and share this with us if you already asked a mod to permanently ban you?

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