Alani is terrible now what have you done to her?!?!?!?!?

There is a site called reddit…

Also just from that one comment you made you not very old are you but im out and loggin out

Not everyone here is on reddit. [quote=“alekie1990, post:81, topic:1548383”]
Also just from that one comment you made you not very old are you but im out and loggin out

Your point?

She’s an extremely versatile burst healer, not an extremely versatile sustain healer. Is that so hard to understand?

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Always glad to help. Let’s move on.


Alani is great for her lane control, her CC which can heal, CC and chain CC with other BBs CC easily. She is also one of the healers that can pull other BBs out of CC death by a burst heal and a riptide to get them out of the lane. She is also pretty fast too… she is a great all around support.

I also play with people that get top damage and most minion kills with her as well.

Reason why people choose Alani instead of miko most of the time is because Miko’s Crit spot is so big


Oky lets see.

Ambra is a close range attacked and AoH , unless she sustain her sunspot and ppl go around them she is a rly good healer. If the enemy dont allow you to get in lane without get cc you cant do ■■■■.

Miko is the best healer (i got 150k heals in incursion) but he cant attack while doing and you get punished for reload (you have a delay before healing), you got a 2 sec stun at high lvl.

Reyna cant heal untill lvl4 with a skill but she can debuff and destroy shields. She can only heal/save only 1 person at time. (For me reyna suffer a lot to get lvls untill lvl 4)

Kidultra he is like reyna, cant heal if his skill are in cd, right now his drones dosent benefit from heal power (unless AoH). Ku have a good wave clean and lvl 9 stun.

Alani needs to land 9 hits to max heal, she dosent need to have full osmosis save anyone tho.

  • She can attack and heal like reyna but is not limited by cd
    -she can heal as much as miko if you can land 90% of your hits and do not save wellspring
    -she has a great wave cleaning power

Reasons of why she was broken at launch

Compared to KU:
Better wave cleaning power thx to the 0.5 skill reduction and her riptide mutation. The impact dmg and dot used to be higher (atleast twice iirc)

Reyna and ambra:
She had a debuff at lvl 2 for 2 sec and 30% dmg amp. The Bublé made you an easier target. With 0.5 sec cd it was spameable (iirc she got her 0.5 cd faster in her helix)

She can deal dmg AND heal, she had a lot of hp and didnt had to stay close to provide aid. She had a “stun” at lvl 1.

Alani can’t sustain a team of idiots, only miko probably… If your team keeps getting hited in the face over and over and they refuce to teleport back. You cant save/sustain unless you sacrifice all your resources to do so.

She cant keep everyone full health if your enemy keep hiting your team and your team stand still allowing all the punish but this happens to reyna, kid ultra and ambra.

For me, alani is in the right spot. Good heal, good dmg, good wave cleaning, good cc and at higher lvl low cd.

Her health is a bit low but with 2 ways of self heal and playing her long/middle range she usually is ignored unless benedict(but he is broken)

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A. You can’t have these all at once
B. Alani can use any of these just like Ambra
C. Solar Sustained does not work properly atm
D. Mini singularity launcher works in attacks, and every ten seconds. Nothing to do with sunspots
E. They’re not actually part of the characters kit and are thus irrelevant

No, her most core element is attacking to build up stacks to burst heal. I’ve never seen that in a game before

So you want to take away a characters MAIN source of healing. And then see how she does? I fully expect her numbers to be low. Same as if you took away Mikos alt heal

Irrelevant. She has her burst heal. I could argue Boldur would be bad without his shield. But that’s integral to the character. What about Benedict with no wings? Reyna with no overshield?

But she has her burst heal so this is irrelevant


Oh, so ignore half the character? Please go play Mellka without venom canisters and no extra health and see how horrible she is to play afterwards

A. Hers was actually really quite long. I think around 3 seconds from start to finish
B. They made Boldurs and Montanas much more difficult comparatively
C. They did nerf Kelvins and people raged. I don’t see anyone but you complaining about her new Geysers stun length


While this is true it didn’t cause the above

Actually, she just face tanked others. Everyone else ran away from the goddess.

She needed A counter

You complain she has no wave clear and now say wave clear is wasted damage?

I’ve played with good ones that can and do so somewhat easily

If you can get Worthy of Song on accident there is a problem

How? It was everywhere on release day

To sate one irritated player? And how would you ever need of about this? There’s no proper way

On release day she could.

That skill is purposely placed to trap. Riptide is not. Apples and oranges people

Lowlines gear site has made us all pretty knowledgeable on gear types

Heliophage is a long mission. I top that in a single match. It’s irrelevant however as there’s no minions to heal

So someone can’t be strong for a single reason? Guess Ambra is underpowered guys, take away Sunspot and she’s almost useless. Better yet, take away Pendles stealth, he’s a joke, so weak

Then why have this discussion here?

Woo that was long. Time for brekkie


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Can we please close this thread since the user was banned? No point discussing this with someone that can’t respond.

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By the time I had realized he was actually banned, I had already written it out :expressionless:
Is that the maximum suspension @Psychichazard?

Yea, I didn’t know either. I also don’t understand why people argue about certain things like this. If I thought someone was bad and someone in the forums told me they were good I would want to see some gameplay or twitch so I could follow and learn how to properly play the character instead of arguing about it. That’s just me though, I’m sure there are tricks out there you can perform with certain characters that only a few of us know. Just the other day @Dr_H0H0 found a cool way to activate ult with El Dragon.


The person who bumped it requested a suspension, which was duly given. The poster of the thread was only active on the day they posted it…so, okay, closing.

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I have very little doubt that they’ll still check this thread.

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It’s not the nuclear option, no.

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