Alani is why I am quiting the game

Nuff said, no matter what I do, she is too much a broken character, I’m done…

even with CC duration cutting items, she’s just too OP, im done, until they finally fix her/remove her, Im selling the game…

They’ve already nerfed her, twice, now she’s very well balanced. If you can’t beat Alani try a different character or a new approach, some characters are better against others etc. She’s a crowd controller, bait her or flank her, if she overextends she’s done.


CC items are a waste of shards, unfortunately.

Alani isn’t remotely broken, though. Can you be more specific about what is giving you trouble? If it is geyser, I know it is difficult with all the effects, but you can see it on the ground well before it goes off. Or wait til you see her use it before trying to close. Or flank her. Or quit running straight at her.

So tired of “nerf X because I got stomped” and “leaving because of X” threads.


You hear that Gearbox? If you don’t make it so the some people can easily defeat a character without having to adapt and apply a different tactic than the one they are using…some will sell the game. Better get on that ASAP!!!


If you don’t like a thread, don’t post in it. Talk about the game, not other forum users.

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Like Slif_One said, Alani is not OP now. BUT she can be very tough to beat with your main character. There are plenty of characters that have no issues with Alani. That goes for most Battleborn. Kleese is so easy to kill with Marquis, but with Amra, he is very hard to kill. That does not make someone OP.


Quitting because of one character is just absurd. She can be countered so hard it’s not even funny.if you attack her she wastes her heal on herself and puts her team in danger. I can’t count how many times I’ve killed her as caldarius.


Lol wow

Try giving some advice next time.

Or just dont comment.

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She isn’t that strong though. Her attacks move fairly slowly, so if you keep moving she’ll have a hard time hitting you. Other than that you just have to be aggressive with your damage so that she can’t out heal your DPS. She’s really not all that strong anymore.

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I didnt know forum threads were only for those that agree with each other and head nods. My mistake , Ill only post in discussions where I’m in total agreement with its op.

I did change my post as to not have it directed at the op but a mod dropping a warning like that is just silly. Its not an open discussion then if i have to only post in topics that i “like”.


There is a difference between having a discussion where you respectfully disagree and having a discussion where you make personal jabs at another.

He in no way said you cant participate if you disagree. But partcipating just to be sarcastic and condesending (which your reply was) is most certainly not helpful nor constructive.
So the better alternative if you dont have anything helpful to say is simply ignoring the post.
If you still dont understand, feel free to PM me or PH.


I wish every “I’m quitting the game because of X character” thread auto corrected into “Please help me with strategies in dealing with X character” thread. It’d lead to something much more productive.


Not sure on your experience, rank etc., but what you’ll find is there are plenty of characters that really annoy you. I have plenty.

Rath, Melka, Mico, Caldarius, Shane & Orax, Pheobe, and yes, Alani.

What you have to do is play cat and mouse, sometimes you you win, other times you back off. Hopefully your on a team where your team mates see things going on, help, or get a mic and team up with others. It helps.

Depending on the Battleborn you play with is to what will be a problem or not. I main Thorn, then Oscar Mike. I know which ones to run from, defend, play games with, or just damn right KILL :smile:

It takes time to learn, bare with it.

CC items are totally useless in this game. Try boosting shield, health, health regen. Being too aggressive with damage items leaves you vunerable if your not with a mega tanky class. I actually use a shiled loadout with Thorn and Health regen and it’s now proving very very good.

Play with new items, see what fits your style, be hard to kill.

Remember, healers are hard to kill 1 to 1 unless your with a very Assassin like BB, so be a team player and practice.

Some Battleborn become more powerful as the game goes on. At level 5 when I get my Ultimate, I become very aggressive, where as early game I’m very strategic and defensive.

Know your limits.


start playing in private, competitive matches. then you can ban broken compositions to where people have to outplay you, rather than use the flavor of the day. i personally am not one to side with basically everyone else in the thread. she is still the strongest character overall in the entire game, and i challenge anyone to statistically counter that argument. it seems like most people counter any argument about character balance by talking about their personal experience with how they have countered an alani or x character with x character. what people fail to realize is that they countered the alani user, and not alani. they outplayed the alani user, in other words.

the only thing that matters in a discussion about character balance is the potential of the character. other than, and this open for debate, kelvin’s stun, alani has the best stun in the game. i personally think she has the best stun in the game. this game is ALMOST exclusively about cc and aoe. alani has the best cc in the game, and does have great lane clear and level potential.

what makes her also factually overpowered is her cooldown potential. i tried to make a clip, but recorded it a second too late because i didnt think to until it was too late. i teleported to an alani and dropped an ult on her and was bubbled immediately, which is fine. once i landed, my shield was broken so i teleported directly to her again. by that time she had self healed quite a bit, but i was still able to kill her. after she was dead i was bubbled again as she died. i walked away, but it was 2x being hard cc with the best stun in the game within 5 seconds.

Phoebe has the highest base DPS and longest slow in the game.


Thank you slif for being the voice of reason once again

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Are you kidding me?!

Alani is slow and squishy as hell with low damage output.

He strength is geyser and riptide launching and pushing people around for lane control.

Even when she does bubble someone the team never takes advantage of it by focusing on them so its borderline pointless.

She can be a pain to FINISH OFF, but she’s digustingly easy to drive off.

She’s a joke to rangeea like thorn Toby and marquis

And if you avoid being bubbled or waved you can tear her apart in close range since she has no way to escape .

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3 second stun with amplified damage from all sources lifting you up like a pinata > any duration of slow
phoebe is an assassin. alani is a support. alani is comparable to ambra and reyna, though neither has a stun til ambra at level 10 in her ult. alani is not comparable to any other character in the game, in reality, which cannot be said about any other character in the game. she blurs the lines more than any other character, with the exception of galilea

The bind from Geyser does not last 3 seconds. Alani’s DPS is also significantly lower than Phoebe’s, and at least half the roster

No two characters in BB are comparable, they’re all unique which is kinda the point and what makes the game great. I’d ask you to elaborare, but it seems that you refuse to be convinced otherwise.